How High School Sweethearts are Crafting a Recipe for Success

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Pat and Dana

The Sweet Life Bakery LLC is a Greenville, South Carolina-based business run by husband and wife duo Patrick and Dana Cheatham. We sat down with them to learn how they’re using love to fuel the success of their business.

For Patrick and Dana, their road to being business owners started in high school. “Ever since we started dating she’s been baking me sweet treats,” Patrick told us.

Dana even remembers the very first thing she baked for Patrick. “It was a strawberry birthday cake.”

Dana and Patrick have been together ever since. They’ve been happily married for eight years and now have two children.

Pat and Dana highschool

While Patrick says he’s always admired entrepreneurs, neither of them set out to be business owners at first. “We both work in big box retail stores. I’ve been working there for nearly 13 years and Dana’s been there for nearly eight. However, Dana started selling her baked goods out of our home and it was really taking off. I decided the timing was right to take this to the next level.”

Patrick says while Dana is busy baking, he’s handling getting the logistics of the business in order. “Trust me, you don’t want me baking anything! That’s all Dana.”

the sweet life cake

Patrick knows that getting a business off the ground comes with some challenges, which is why he says he’s happy he found CoverWallet.

“The process was a breeze. Our agent actually read our lease agreement for the bakery to make sure we had all the coverage we needed. It makes us feel like we’re not in this alone. It’s like having a security blanket to know that everything is covered.”

Dana Sweet Life

The high school sweethearts have now come full-circle as they prepare to officially open The Sweet Life Bakery across the street from their alma marta where it all started. Patrick says, “this fits right in with our fairytale. It feels good to be here surrounded by the support of our friends and family.”

Patrick and Dana plan to open The Sweet Life Bakery in mid-May at 27 Rushmore Drive in Greenville, SC