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How One Designer is Using Her Skills to Craft Classic Homes

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Entrepreneur Laura Oglethorpe runs The Stated Home, an e-commerce site that offers a curated selection of well-constructed American-made furniture. We sat down with Laura to learn more about what inspired her to start her own business.

Laura is a natural-born entrepreneur. “I’ve always had this entrepreneurial bug, so I knew I would be a business owner.”

But the type of business she would start wasn’t always clear.

“I was a high school biology teacher for several years, but ultimately decided it wasn’t for me. My husband is in the military so we move around a lot and I wound up working in a furniture store. I really liked it, but it also exposed me to several problems people face when trying to buy furniture like quality and making sure it won’t fall apart and isn’t full of toxic chemicals.”

“Somehow I became the ‘setting up a home’ expert among people I know. It seemed that with each person I helped I was teaching the same lessons: what brands of furniture to buy, and how to buy a chair their husband will think is comfortable.”

Laura explains her design philosophy is simple. “I believe that a beautiful, clean, and functional home is as necessary as daily dessert and can be achieved by anyone with the right guidance. I quickly realized that only working with local clients was not going to rid the world of beige microfiber sofas, so I decided to use the internet to help with this mission.”

After years of careful research and planning, Laura launched The State Home in the summer of 2016. “The Stated Home is an e-commerce site and blog where I aim to teach the art of choosing well, rather than often. I believe that each space should be approached with function and organization as the main priorities, and then focus on investing in quality and timeless furnishings that will still be around in 15 years.”

It took Laura a few years to start The Stated Home, but she wants other entrepreneurs to know that at some point you have to take the plunge.

“Just start, even if things aren’t perfect. I have a habit of waiting for everything to be perfect. It took me time and eventually, I realized that if I had waited any longer I would miss opportunities. Fighting that urge to be perfect can be a challenge, but don’t let it stop you.”

As a small business owner running everything mostly on her own, Laura knows time is in short supply. That’s why she’s happy she found CoverWallet. “You guys made it easy and fast to get insurance so that I had time to focus on everything else.”

You can learn more about Laura and The Stated Home on her website and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.