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The Most Effective Ways to Inspire Employees | CoverWallet

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Building a team of great people requires more than just qualified resumes and experienced workers. You may have competent and knowledgeable employees, but without inspiration, most of them are just working to meet the bare minimum. According to Gallup, 70% of employees are not engaged at work. Imagine 7 out of 10 employees doing close to the bare minimum to get by and waiting for something better to come along – perhaps even actively looking for something better.

A team of motivated employees that is inspired to meet goals is not only more productive but also less vulnerable to turnover. By having a common big-picture goal, employers can create a positive synergy that can take your business to the next level. Moreover, employees who feel valued and appreciated are known to create a positive work environment and drive revenue.

Here are some tips on how to motivate your employees thus allowing them to reach their full potentials for the betterment of everyone – including your business.

Share your story and vision

Goals based on financial objectives are essential and are present in every company. But just saying them out loud and clear won’t motivate your employees. You want your team to believe that there’s a noble purpose behind your business. Setting aside sales and financial objectives, give your employees something to hold on to when those goals and visions are achieved.

It could be an inspiring story about how you started the business or the sacrifices and efforts you made to achieve your current status. You could also share information on how your trade differs from the others and what makes it unique or beneficial for customers. Paint a vivid story and let your people feel that sense of pride and engagement. When there is a greater mission, people are more motivated by the work they do on a daily basis.

  • State your core ideology or the enduring character and distinctive purpose of your business.
  • Let them know your vision for the future that gets people eager to work every single day.
  • Explain to your employees their respective roles in making those goals a tangible reality.
  • Lay out how your business helps customers every single day.

Thank your employees

Whether achievements are big or small, you should set aside enough time to thank your employees. These people work hard to make a difference not just to your life but to your business as well. Thanking them won’t take more than a minute, maybe even less, but showing your gratitude and appreciation in a simple way bestows a powerful impact that keeps employees inspired and motivated.

Don’t just thank employees for the big achievements, also appreciate the soft-spoken employees who do little things on behalf of your company. Keep in mind that recognizing their efforts makes for happy employees, and well-appreciated people strive hard to reach shared goals. Here are some tips on how to acknowledge the efforts of your team:

  • Create handwritten thank you notes and give them to your employees occasionally.
  • Plan an annual employee appreciation day to make them feel well-loved and extra special.
  • Thank them regularly and give credit with an increase in pay or through a one-time bonus if you are financially able to.

Solicit ideas and feedback

How do you inspire employees if you are the owner or a person in power? Sounds hard? Not at all. The problem with business owners is that most are still treating employees following the old fashioned way of “it’s my way or the highway.” But giving your employees a voice to speak and asking for their ideas and feedback is a great way to boost their confidence.

In reality, your employees might even know your business better than you do. As the owner you are so focused on paperwork and meetings that you tend to forget what matters most – personally dealing with customers. Your employees, by contrast, are hands-on with your trade, and they already know what needs to be improved, how to increase sales, and why current strategies aren’t working. Letting your employee feel that they are actually part of the business enhances morale and adds value to the company.

  • Practice employee engagement by allowing your team to speak and suggest ideas.
  • Improve management roles and determine the needs of your people regularly.
  • Promote positive attitudes by posing motivational questions to your staff members.

Take a genuine interest

Unapproachable, perfectionist, unapologetic, and authoritarian – the usual perception employees have of their boss or team leader. While it’s a tactic to build a strong persona amongst your employees to maintain respect and professionalism, this doesn’t mean that you need to avoid making a personal connection with your people. It is a known fact that your employees owe you a lot, as you’re giving them a source of income. But the truth of the matter is that you need them more than they need you. Imagine that your employees spend more than half of their day working for your business and get little to no time at all for their families. Taking a genuine interest and showing that you really care helps build loyalty, making employees feel comfortable and happy at work.

  • Develop ways to wholeheartedly help them with personal issues to create invaluable relationships.
  • Openly communicate with your employees and don’t act as if you’re way higher up than them.
  • Always be transparent and honest with them, avoid sugar coating things as much as possible.

Trust your employees

There are tons of ways to inspire employees but nothing is more meaningful than trusting their own talents and abilities. Processes serve as the guideline of every business, but if these are too limiting, these become a major contributor to employees turning away from the team. These suppress their natural skills and the employee starts to think of your business as a power-trip in micromanagement.

Alternatively, creating an environment full of trust gives employees more freedom to perform and accomplish tasks without the fear of insubordination. Show your team the support and trust they need in everything they do. Let them feel that their ingenuity counts and is important for the success of the company. Here are some ways to establish trust with your employees:

  • Always listen with full respect and undivided attention to your employees.
  • Provide all the information they need and keep your people truthfully informed at all times.
  • Clearly communicate with your employees and raise issues in a timely manner.