How This Entrepreneur is Growing Her Transportation Business

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Taygan Transport

Nicole Addison is the owner of Taygan Transport, a trucking company based in Jacksonville, Florida. We sat down with Nicole to learn more about her business.

Nicole Addison has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, she tells us owning a business has always been her goal. “I’ve always wanted to generate my own wealth and define my own destiny.”

It’s Nicole’s two daughters, Taylor and Reagan, that inspired the name of her company. “I wanted to show my children that you don’t need to limit yourself to a corporate environment to be successful.”

However, Nicole says working in a traditionally male-dominated industry comes with challenges.

“Being a woman in this industry comes with barriers because a lot of people assume that I’m not the owner. They usually think I’m the secretary or manager.” But, Nicole says she doesn’t let this slow her down. “I have a lot of wisdom that I use from my experience working in a corporate environment. I’m very familiar with operational policies and procedures, so I demand respect from the people I work with.”

It was during Nicole’s time working a corporate job that she first saw a need in the market for transport companies. “I have a background in healthcare management. I was working in patient relations, and the biggest complaint I always heard was that the patients couldn’t easily get to their appointments. That was my first opportunity to put myself out there as an entrepreneur.”

With her knowledge of the healthcare industry, Nicole launched her first business, a non-emergency medical transport company that shuttles patients to and from doctor appointments. The success of her first company inspired her to launch Taygan Transport. In 2019 and her business has taken off. Nicole has already landed contracts with major retailers like Amazon and Wayfair to transport goods for them.

Nicole is now busier than ever running her companies, that’s why she’s grateful she found CoverWallet. “With CoverWallet I was able to secure everything I needed in one policy. In the past, I had to have different policies and pay premiums to different carriers. But with CoverWallet my insurance needs are all rolled into one.”

You can contact Taygan Transport at 904-982-1816, or you can email Nicole at