How One Family Built a Successful Business

synthetic turf international of idaho

Synthetic Turf International of Idaho is a family-run business. They specialize in constructing and installing synthetic turf for putting greens, driving ranges, lawns, playgrounds, and athletic complexes. We sat down with husband and wife duo Marc and Julie McConnell to learn more about why they started the business.

Marc McConnell has always an entrepreneurial spirit, he tells us that while he always knew he wanted to own a business, at first, he didn’t envision working in landscaping.

“In college, I wanted to quit half-way through so that I could work with my Dad at his restaurant, but he wanted me to stay in school. After graduation, I was recruited as a salesman for a small software company, and within six months I was making even more money than the owner so I knew I could start my own business.”

Marc remembers the exact moment he decided to launch a landscaping company. “It was March 20, 1989. I was standing outside with a friend and said, ‘I’d rather rake leaves for the rest of my life than work for someone else again.’ So I decided to open a landscaping company. I borrowed some tools and machines from my friends and family and started working.”

“I always tell people, if you want to make God laugh, just tell Him your plans.”

Now, over 30 years later the McConnell’s landscaping business is still going strong. But their latest venture with Synthetic Turf International started out as a bit of family fun.

“We decided to put a golf simulator in our garage and we needed a synthetic turf mat. We did our research to find the best product available. We were eventually connected to a supplier in Georgia called Synthetic Turf International, and we saw an opportunity to sell the product locally.”

synthetic turf golf course

The McConnell’s launched Synthetic Turf International of Idaho in the fall of 2019, but they hit a snag with some paperwork. Julie tells us, that’s where CoverWallet came in.

“We were in the middle of changing the company from a sole proprietorship to an S Corp. As a result, our local insurance broker couldn’t process our request for Workers Compensation insurance. I was panicking because we needed the coverage. I found CoverWallet online and before I knew it, we had everything we needed! The quick response and customer service was amazing.”

Since then, business has been booming, and Marc credits the success of the company to his family.

mcconnell family photo

“Our son has a background in sales and this was the perfect opportunity to hire him full-time. My son is a certified turf installer and the designs and installations he creates are amazing. My wife Julie manages all the books, and I just create messes!”

You can learn more about Synthetic Turf International of Idaho on their Facebook page.