Occupational Therapist Created a New Device for Desk Jockeys

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Jacob Philemon has more than 20 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist, and over the course of his career has treated hundreds of people with back, neck, and shoulder pain. When he realized that the majority of his patients had one thing in common, he started to look for a solution. That was the beginning of his new business, Slouch Be Gone.

How did Slouch Be Gone get started?

By training, I’m a Occupational Therapist, and I’ve been practicing for 25 years. So many people were coming to me with back, neck, and shoulder pain. I’d speak with my patients and they’d tell me about their jobs, and I kept hearing the same things over and over again. They were truck drivers, secretaries, IT workers, etc. - they all sat all day at their jobs. In 2015, I finally took the dive and really launched Slouch Be Gone, which is a full back support system that covers the entire area of an office chair or an automobile seat.

What was the issue you wanted to solve?

A lot of hours sitting in one position can cause a lot of back problems, especially in the lower and upper back. People coming to me had postural problems because their muscles would weaken and the spine would get out of alignment. It’s a common posture dysfunction. To overcome those problems, you have to do a lot of manual exercises and stretches to reduce the stress and tension in those areas.

But how do you maintain that once you’re done with therapy? I studied a lot of different support systems, and I created Slouch Be Gone, which covers the full range of the back to have optimal posture support to realign the spine and muscular issues.

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What do your patients say?

In general, people say they spend less time with doctors and chiropractors and take less advil. I use it as an alternative to correct muscular issues. It’s really unique. My product covers the entire back as you sit, which is where you need it.

It gives awareness to the body. Office chairs with cushions don’t correct the problem. They tend to only be focused on just one area rather than the full back.

How did you find CoverWallet?

I knew I needed insurance for my product, so I just Googled it and found CoverWallet. I made a couple of calls to other companies when I started to look around for insurance coverage for my business, and I wanted to make sure I was fully covered. Kevin, one of your insurance advisors, did an outstanding job explaining the coverage I needed. I strongly recommend you guys to other people and I’ve been really happy with my experience.

Any times I have a question, I just call in and a couple of people on the line. CoverWallet is is awesome. Coverage wise it is very reasonable and affordable for startups, and I’d encourage anyone to look to you guys.