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Why Safety is a Priority for this Entrepreneur | CoverWallet

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Slip Pro Hawaii LLC is a floor safety business based on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. We sat down with the owner, Marshall Dumadag, to learn what inspired him to start his own business.

Entrepreneur Marshall Dumadag has been in the safety business for more than 15 years. His business Slip Pro Hawaii LLC specializes in providing anti-slip floor treatments for residential and commercial clients.

While Dumadag says he’s always wanted to be a business owner, he tells us there was one important factor that pushed him into launching his first business, Azul Pool Service.

“When my daughter was born I was working two jobs day and night, but I really wanted to be present in her life. That was the main reason I launched my pool service business, I wanted to spend more time with her.”

Dumadag is passionate about creating healthy and safe environments for his clients. He says it’s something he’s cared about from an early age.

“I cared for my grandparents since I was young and of course I wanted them to be safe. Slip-and-fall accidents are a leading cause of death for the elderly, so that was the main inspiration for Slip Pro Hawaii.”

But Dumadag’s dream of opening his new business hit a snag when it came time to find insurance.

“First, I went to my broker but he couldn’t find me an underwriter. I looked everywhere locally but no one would cover me. When I looked online I found CoverWallet and was able to connect with someone right away, even though it was late in the day. I was amazed; I was able to get a quote in minutes.”

Dumadag has managed to successfully run two businesses while maintaining a strong relationship with his family and community. He encourages all budding entrepreneurs not to let fear get in their way. “Just do it. If you fail, get up and try something different. I would recommend starting a business to anyone, especially those with kids. It’s limitless and gives you more freedom.”

You can learn more about Dumadag and Slip Pro Hawaii LLC on Facebook, LinkedIn, and their website.