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How One Business is Helping Families Brace for Earthquakes

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Justin Petersen is the owner of Seismic Retro LLC, a Lynwood, Washington-based business that retrofits older buildings to protect families and their homes from earthquake damage. We sat down with Justin to learn more about why he started his business.

For Justin Petersen, opening Seismic Retro LLC was the realization of a life-long dream. “After spending 13 years in the telecommunication industry I decided it was time for something new. While looking for my next venture I worked for a company doing seismic retrofitting on houses in the Seattle area. I enjoyed the work but wasn't a fan of their business practices. I knew with my background in concrete and construction and my strong work ethics, I could offer better value than the competition.”

As a self-proclaimed survival enthusiast, Justin says earthquake retrofitting is crucial. “I genuinely believe in the service I offer and hope more homeowners do their due diligence to ensure their families are prepared for a natural disaster.”

Washington state experiences over 1,000 earthquakes every year and Justin tells us that homes built before the 1990s are usually not attached to the foundation, making them susceptible to earthquake damage.

Justin tells us business comes naturally to him, in fact, it runs in the family. “Prior to working in telecom, I built concrete foundations for the family business, Petersen Concrete and Construction in Missoula, Montana.”

While Justin is a natural entrepreneur, every business has its challenges. “As I was talking to my Dad about my next venture he asked if I would want to open my own earthquake retrofitting company. I said I would love to but getting the right insurance, bonds, and licenses are expensive. That's when CoverWallet really saved the day. Other local companies were taking weeks to give me a quote and came back with crazy numbers. CoverWallet got me covered within my budget and helped me get going.”

Justin tells us CoverWallet has not only helped get his business up and running, but it has helped keep operations going as well. “I needed to update my payment information and they got in touch with me right away through multiple channels to make sure everything kept running smoothly.”

The ease and efficiency allow Justin to focus on what matters, running his business and maintaining one of his core values, environmental protection. “Using eco-friendly practices is important to me because there is so much waste in the industry from materials not being disposed of properly.”

Through his company, Justin also gives back to his local community by donating to the Everett Gospel Mission for every project he gets.

You can learn more about Justin and Seismic Retro LLC on their website.