How a Tragic Accident Inspired One Man to Open a New Church

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It was 30 years ago when the founder of the Queens-based Second Chance Church, Pastor Bickram Sudesh Singh, was involved in a serious car accident. We sat down with him to find out more about how it inspired him to help others and his experience buying insurance through CoverWallet.

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What inspired you to start your own church?

Just a couple of months after I got married 30 years ago, I was involved in a serious car accident in Guyana, South America. We hit a tree, and I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. My face hit the windshield, and the broken glass severely damaged my face. I needed 252 stitches on my face alone, and at just 21 years old I was left completely blind. I became very suicidal, and about two weeks after the accident, a woman from the local church, Lynette Hetsberger, came to the hospital and prayed for me. The next day, when the nurse took the bandages off my eyes I could see again.

Even though I had gone to church before the accident, miraculously regaining my sight allowed me to truly know God in a way I never had before. That experience completely changed my outlook on life and inspired me to dedicate myself to God. I worked as an associate pastor in an established church for almost 30 years after that, but I had this lingering sense that I still had more to do. Everyone told me I was crazy to start my own church from the ground up, but I really felt it was what God wanted me to do so, with my wife and our family by my side, I opened Second Chance Church in March of this year.

What’s the best part about having your own church?

Having my own church has given me a wonderful sense of fulfillment. We have a very diverse, inclusive congregation of people from all different backgrounds, but the thing they all have in common is that they’re searching for a second chance. Most of them have been shunned everywhere else, so Second Chance Church has become a place of refuge for them.

After overcoming so much adversity, what advice do you have for someone going through a difficult time?

I encourage everyone, no matter what they’re going through, to know that God is a shoulder to lean on and that when you can’t walk He will carry you.

How did you discover CoverWallet?

I was searching on Google for insurance and came across your website. After I put in my information I got a call right away; the customer service representative was very helpful and knowledgeable, so I would definitely recommend CoverWallet to anyone else looking to find insurance.

Second Chance Church is located at 111-49 Lefferts Blvd, South Ozone Park, NY. If you’re in the area Pastor Sudesh encourages everyone to stop by, you can also find more information at

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