How this Army Veteran is Living the American Dream

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Rev Mex Food Truck

Noe Medrano and Virginia Yanez are the owners of Rev Mex Food Truck and Catering, based in Lafayette, Colorado. We sat down with Noe to learn more about how he started his business.

Noe Medrano and his mother, Virginia, opened their food truck in June of 2020 with the goal of bringing authentic Mexican food to their Colorado community.

“We cook our meat in a custom smoker and use the freshest ingredients. We cook our food with love and passion. We love to serve neighborhoods, communities, and places where people enjoy gathering to share good company and great food.”

Noe’s love of good food is something that he says has been passed down through generations. “My mother taught me the family recipes that derive from her mother and family who are from the small town of Castaños in Coahuila, Mexico.”

rev mex food truck food

Noe has always wanted to be a business owner and first learned how to be an entrepreneur at a young age. “I grew up helping my father with his construction business, then as I got older I started working with him as a manager and talking to the customers. That’s where I got my first education on being a business owner. I got to see first hand, both the good and the bad, what I could expect from owning a business.”

Noe also proudly served as an infantryman in the U.S. Army for three years, where he learned valuable lessons that he uses now as a business owner.

“Being an infantryman comes with a lot of challenges every day, from both physical and mental stress. One of the biggest lessons I learned is accepting the fact that I didn’t have control of anything going on and that I couldn’t control what happened. The only thing I could control was how I reacted to the situation in front of me. Another important skill I learned was discipline. Whether it’s having discipline with the recipes so they always come out the same, or with cleanliness with the truck and making sure everything is always as clean as it can be.”

Rev mex food truck

While owning a business comes with challenges, Noe and Virginia were happy they didn’t have to worry about their insurance. “CoverWallet not only helped our business by providing insurance but they also gave us peace of mind. We needed a certificate of insurance and CoverWallet was fast and efficient, it took less than a minute. This helps us provide certificates to our clients who book our services. We like that it’s quick and online, and the customer service was customized to our needs.”

When the pandemic hit Noe and Virginia, they considered waiting to launch their business. But instead, they decided to take a leap of faith. “We put our business in God’s hands and to our surprise, we have done really well since we launched. People have really accepted Rev Mex food.”

You can learn more about Rev Mex Food Truck and Catering on their Facebook page.