How a football injury helped a family start their own business

Order My Steps Events & Catering is serving a range of clientele in the Atlanta, Georgia area. We talked to owner Elizabeth Anderson about why she wanted to start her own business and her experience using CoverWallet.

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How did you first get started, what made you want to start your own business?

I worked for GM for 26 years, and I was transferred to Kansas City, which was really hard on my family. When I came home to visit them in Georgia a few years ago, I realized it was where I wanted to be, and my son suggested that I start my own business in Atlanta to be closer to everyone.

People have always asked me to plan their parties or dinners, so he thought that we should go into the catering and events business together. We’ve only officially been in business since 2018 and, at first, it was slow, but now it’s really been picking up. We’ve been able to build our client base mainly on word of mouth.

So you work with your son, what’s it like having a family-run business?

It’s awesome! It’s the best thing I could have done for me and my family. My son was playing football for a prep-school and broke his tibia bone, which ended his athletic career and he was very discouraged. When he graduated, he didn't know what to do without football, he felt lost.

But this business has really encouraged him to find his place in the world. He handles a lot of the business operations, and now he’s even learning to cook so he can be even more involved in the company. I think it’s so important for athletes to have another path to take and to know they have other options available to them.

What’s the most challenging event you’ve worked on?

I deal with a wide variety of clients from those at corporate venues to people’s homes. We have a small staff, with only three full-time employees, so every event has its own challenges. For example, we recently catered an event for the relationship platform CheMinistry which was co-founded by former LA Lakers player Josh Powell. We’ve also recently catered a corporate event where there were more than 750 people present, but my staff and I always get it all done in a very professional manner.

For other events, we also go into people’s homes. I’ve had clients who want us to come in a create a dinner for 50 people because they may not have the budget to rent out a venue. So we have to bring in all our own equipment and furniture, which is challenging, but we always manage to make magic happen for the client.

As a small business owner, what’s the best piece of advice you could give to someone who’s thinking of starting their own business?

Do something that you're passionate about and that will show through your work. When you’re passionate and knowledgeable you can do anything, and don’t worry about sleep, you can sleep later! I would say even if you have a different career right now, don't give up on your dreams.

How did you learn about CoverWallet?

As I get more corporate clients they really expect you to have the proper insurance coverage, so I did a Google search and came across several carriers. I called a few, but felt like they kept giving me the run-around. When I called you guys it was perfect, I was able to get a great price and the whole process was so easy. The first time I needed help they resolved all of my issues on the spot and helped us feel comfortable with our company’s plan.

If you’re in the Atlanta, Georgia area be sure to check out Order My Steps Events & Catering for all of your party planning and catering needs. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter too.


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