How a Consultant Turned her Passion Into a Successful Company

NY Homes Decor LLC is a home improvement consulting firm based in Patchogue, New York providing construction management, design consulting, and environmentally friendly cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. We sat down with owner Janet Chamale to learn more about what inspired her to start her own business and why she chose CoverWallet.

NY homes decor

How did you first start your business?

I had the opportunity to take over a plumbing supply company, which soon branched into working for larger companies. I began consulting on remodeling for kitchens and bathrooms, because I’ve always had a knack and a passion for design. Things just evolved organically and since most of my clients wanted to continue working with me I considered starting my own business. It was never really my plan to start my own business but after working in the industry for 25 years it seemed like the next step. My client base continued to grow so much, I started my own consulting firm in 2012. Things really took off and we are doing great. Now I work with architects, engineers, builders, contractors, and designers to bring my clients the best results.

As a small business owner, if you could give one piece of advice to someone who wants to start their own business, what would it be?

Anyone who has a passion for something should consider starting their own business. Do your part to work hard and enjoying what you do. I think there’s real genius in being getting started.

Tell me more about how you first discovered CoverWallet?

I discovered you guys online. We are a small business with a limited staff so we do a lot remotely and electronically. We also like to be paperless and environmentally conscious, so I really loved that CoverWallet does everything online. The whole process was so easy, and you guys were extremely knowledgeable. I did call other places but didn't get the service I was looking for. You guys just gave us the answers we needed. I wanted the insurance process to be quick and painless, and you guys delivered!

Janet has a real passion for making her client’s visions come to life. If you’re in the Patchogue, New York area be sure to check out NY Homes Decor LLC.


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