How One Entrepreneur Took Her Organization & IT Skills and Became Her Own Boss

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Dana Tobias is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur with a life-long passion for cleaning. We sat down with Dana to learn more about her business Neat Freak Cleaning and Home Solutions and how she’s helping those in her community.

Neat Freak Cleaning and Home Solutions provides a wide range of cleaning and smart home installation services for both residential and commercial needs. While owner Dana Tobias has always wanted to own her own business, it was her career in healthcare that pushed her to launch her business.

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“I worked in the healthcare industry for nearly 20 years, first at Cedar Sinai, then at UCLA Medical Center. I was working with chemotherapy patients in the oncology unit, but I found it very depressing. I would become very attached to patients and it was difficult when they didn’t make it. It was really starting to take a toll on my life, that’s why I decided to start my own business.”

Tobias tells us her inspiration for Neat Freak Cleaning and Home Solutions came out of a need to relax from her stressful hospital jobs.

“I’ve always loved cleaning. For me, it’s kind of therapeutic, like cooking. I knew I wanted to either start a cooking business or a cleaning business, and I went with cleaning because I think that’s a service everyone wants and needs. I’ve always been meticulous with organization and I love seeing the end result.”

But, Tobias didn’t stop at just cleaning services. “I decided to add the smart home installation service because I really saw a need for that in my own community. I’ve always been the handy one in my house fixing the TV and computers, and one day my neighbor asked my husband if he knew anyone who could install a digital doorbell. Right away he said, ‘she can do it,’ and now I’m able to tap into a network of people who can do this for my clients.”

Tobias launched the business just two weeks ago and is already busy catering to the needs of her new customers, but she tells us getting the business off the ground wasn’t without challenges.

“Hiring people who I know will do the job right has been a challenge, and with so much competition among other cleaning companies, getting my name out there is something that I struggle with.”

One challenge Tobias knows she won’t have to worry about is commercial insurance.

“There are a lot of cleaning companies out there that don’t have insurance, but I think having it is so important. When you go into someone’s house anything could happen, you could break something or someone could fall so you have to make sure you’re covered.”

When it came time for Tobias to insure her business she chose CoverWallet.

“CoverWallet is great! It was quick and to the point. I got exactly what I needed and the whole process was seamless and simple.”

You can learn more about Neat Freak Cleaning and Home Solutions on their website, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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