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How One Entrepreneur is Helping New Mothers in Her Community

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Mommy Did You Know is a platform dedicated to providing vital resources and helping educate families who have or are expecting children. We sat down with owner Rachel da Silva to learn more about what inspired her to start her business.

Rachel da Silva has been a registered nurse, working specifically in maternal care, for more than seven years. It was something she’s always been passionate about.

“I was working on my first bachelor’s degree in child psychology, but toward the end, I realized I really loved nursing as well. So I got my second bachelor’s degree in nursing.”

Rachel says the postpartum unit is where she really found her calling. “I love how happy the unit is. I love the teaching and educational aspect of it and how much you can really make a difference.”

A mother of two herself, Rachel understands first-hand that knowledge is a powerful tool that can be used to help new mothers.

“When I had my first child I had just started my nursing career and didn’t have as much training. As a result, I had to breastfeed and use formula. I also didn’t have as much knowledge about pumping or how to care for myself when it came to breastfeeding.”

“But, after my second child, when I had more training and experience working with mothers and newborns, I noticed a big difference. I was able to apply what I had learned and had a much easier time.”

In addition to being a registered nurse, Rachel also has specialized training in NICU, antepartum, newborn nursery, pediatric care, and is a certified lactation counselor.

Rachel knew she had a lot of valuable information to share with her community, but she didn’t set out to be a business owner.

“I became an editor for a site that focused on women’s health, and the blogger would send me articles that she wanted me to verify as a nurse. However, when I started reading them, I saw that the advice was not up to standard. To me, it seemed like there was a lot of liability in the advice she was giving. It inspired me to create my own site where families could have access to resources with the correct information to keep themselves and their children healthy and safe.”

Now Rachel’s website, Mommy Did You Know, provides free articles, courses, and videos; she also provides at-home consultations and virtual office visits.

Getting a business up and running, however, didn’t happen overnight. “All the legalities of starting a business have been challenging. I did a lot of research and had to put disclosure statements reminding people to always check with their doctors. Since I work for a hospital I also had to put up non-affiliate statements to make it clear I’m not sponsored by the hospital.”

Luckily, Rachel says CoverWallet helped relieve some of the burdens of getting her business off the ground. “I was nervous about finding the right coverage because what I do isn’t very common. I called 10 different providers and they either didn’t want to quote me or came back with really high premiums. With CoverWallet, I was able to quickly understand what I needed and get coverage. It was all very easy.”

To learn more about Rachel and the services she offers, visit her website. You can also find her business on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.