This Navy Veteran Is Giving His Community a New Option for Auto Repair

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James Kinner is the owner of JK Auto, a Humansville, Missouri based auto-repair shop. For Kinner, auto repair has been a part of his life from the very beginning.

“My dad taught auto mechanics for nearly 30 years, so I grew up taking apart everything that I could, basically it was always something that I did. I joined the Navy when I was 17 and worked as a boiler technician. Now, 31 years later I have an auto repair shop.”

Kinner is passionate not just about cars but helping his customers too. “I’m just a plain jane guy looking to make a living, and I work with normal everyday folks who are looking for a fair deal, not an over-priced mechanic.”

Kinner also owns a painting company that’s been in operation for nearly 10 years, but he’s always wanted to open up an auto repair shop. “I got a great deal on a building in town and decided to just go for it. Now that I have two businesses, this is basically my retirement. My hope is to eventually pass it along to someone else.”

Kinner says CoverWallet was a major factor is getting JK Auto up and running. “I was going over quotes for insurance online and found CoverWallet. I got a quote that was almost half of what other companies were offering. Small town America is still thriving thanks to companies like CoverWallet who don’t try to get rich on every client. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give CoverWallet a 10, it’s been very helpful.”