The Importance Of Technology In Reducing Overall Instances Of Crime

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The Importance Of Technology In Reducing Overall Instances Of Crime

According to FBI crime statistics reports, there are over 6 million property crimes occurring per year. This includes larceny-theft, vehicle theft, arson, and burglary. The more protections put in place to prevent theft and damage of property, the more we can reduce overall instances of crime.

Read on if you are looking to reduce overall instances of crime in buildings you are responsible for. Here we will cover the most critical ways in which security systems can reduce crime and even prevent it from happening altogether.

How does a Security System Reduce Crime?

To explain how a security system can prevent criminal activity in commercial spaces, this section will list some of the essential security system features and how each of these features helps reduce crime.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are an integral part of any security system. Even when they are not operational, having security cameras on display can help deter criminals from committing a crime on your property as they don’t want to be identified.

Some of the ways security cameras reduce crime include:

  • They help with police investigations: If a crime occurs, police will need witness testimonies and descriptions of the perpetrators. However, if you have security cameras in your location, you can provide the police with additional information to give them a lead for your case.
  • They act as a warning: If someone is thinking of committing any kind of crime, whether it involves you, your property, or a pedestrian, they should reconsider upon seeing your security cameras. You can prevent crimes related to yourself and others with a security camera system.
  • You can handle breaches internally: If there is an unauthorized visitor on your premises or someone you know accidentally damages your property, you can use your video camera feed to resolve the issue and handle it internally rather than by using police resources.

Research from The Urban Institute shows that in Chicago and Baltimore, the installation of public security cameras was directly linked to a reduction in crimes. When you consider which key features to include in your security strategy, security cameras should factor into your decision-making process.

Access Control

Theft and damage of property usually require the perpetrator of the crime to be inside the building to do any real damage or take anything of real value. The perpetrator needing entry to commit a crime means that protecting your premises from unwanted intruders or unauthorized visitors is of paramount importance.

An effective way to prevent intruders into your building or office space is to employ a modern access system. This kind of technology will reduce the possibility of a crime occurring without inconveniencing any staff or occupants who need to enter and exit regularly.

Access control now is contactless and can use Bluetooth communication with mobile digital cards so that occupants and users of your premises can gain access to the building just from having their phone on their person.

You can pair access control with your video camera feed to view your access information alongside video information on one interface. This will allow you to quickly resolve any instances of misappropriated access and create a more user-friendly security system for yourself or your security team.

Physical Security

Access control makes for an excellent basis for your physical security. You should consider adding some additional security measures if you want to create air-tight protection for your premises. Some of these considerations include:

  • Alarm systems: By installing an alarm system, and having posters on the exterior of your property to let potential criminals know that an alarm will be triggered if they attempt to enter, you will be able to both deter criminals and ensure that authorities are notified should there be a break-in in one of your properties.
  • Security personnel: Since crimes can occur due to untrustworthy personnel, you will need to be diligent about your hiring choices. However, overall, hiring security personnel makes for an excellent investment to protect your property and assets, and you will be able to have your security team handle the minor incidents and notify you of more significant security breaches and concerns.
  • Building design: Your building design can make you vulnerable to several crimes, so it should always be a consideration when planning your security strategy. If there are fewer entry points to your building, you will have fewer vulnerable points to protect in your system.

Your physical security strategy is crucial to protecting your property and the assets stored inside your building. If you use an access control system and consider adding some of these extra security considerations, you can severely reduce your vulnerability to crime.


Security cameras are an integral part of building security, and their function is twofold. Not only do they record incidents to provide evidence in the event of a crime, but they also serve as a deterrent for crime. When installing security systems as part of your security strategy, ensure that you combine them with other physical security elements, evaluating the weaknesses and vulnerabilities posed by your building’s design.