How to Get New Accounting Clients This Tax Season

how to get new accounting clients

As an accountant, tax season is likely your busiest time of year. You’ve probably got your hands full taking care of your current clients. However, if you have the right plan in place, you could also bring in new clients.

Today’s digital landscape means marketing strategies are constantly evolving, there are more places than ever for you to find new clients. You need to take a proactive approach and find new channels that will capture your audience.

Wondering how you can do it? Here are 10 proven tips to help you grow your business and get new accounting clients this tax season.

1. Identify your target market

Not all potential clients will be a good fit for your firm. For example, does your business have the capacity to handle all the tax requirements for a large company? Do you want to focus on small clients with only personal taxes? Take the time to fine-tune who your target client is.

The main goal here is to have an idea of who your ideal clients are before you search for them. Keep in mind, if you’re just starting out you might not be able to nab those big clients right away. Sometimes you might have to consider less profitable clients.

2. Partner with other businesses in similar fields

If someone is using the services of a CPA they may also be using the services of lawyers and investment experts. This is a great opportunity for you to reach out to these businesses in your area to set up a referral program.

For example, if a lawyer has a client that also needs tax advice, they can send them your way for a small fee or commission and vice versa.

3. Always ask for customer reviews

Satisfied clients can be your best marketing tool. One survey found that the average consumer will read 10 reviews online before making a buying decision and a whopping 82% of Americans will ask friends and family for recommendations before making a purchase.

Providing social proof on your website can go a long way in building customer trust and, ultimately, lead to more sales for your business.

Make sure you ask your satisfied clients to leave positive reviews for you online and make sure you’re not ignoring any negative reviews either. If someone has a negative experience with your services do your best to remedy the situation.

4. Upsell additional services

Add to your client list by offering add-on services. Not only will this incentivize your clients to purchase more, but it will also prevent them from going to your competitors.

Explain to your clients the additional benefits your firm can offer them, such as:

  • Cost benefits
  • Precise and reliable data
  • Great customer service
  • Experienced experts

5. Effective Networking is Key

If your accounting firm focuses on acquiring businesses as clients, then networking is a great opportunity for you. After all, nothing leaves a memorable impression like face-to-face interactions.

However, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for every event you go to. Gather information about the other attendees before you go, and make note of the services you can offer them. Hand out business cards and be sure to follow-up afterward.

6. Utilize technology

Today, a lot of people prefer the ease of using technology, rather than making an appointment to go into someone’s office. Take advantage of this by offering remote services.

For example, set up consultations via Skype or Google Hangouts and consider setting up a chatbot on your website that can answer easy questions your clients might have.

7. Try cold calling

This may sound like the last thing you want to do, but cold calling can be a very effective way of getting new clients if you’re well prepared. The key to cold calling is getting information about your potential client before you interact with them.

Make sure you know who to speak with and what they’re role is. Listen attentively as well; It’s better to converse with them than delivering a sales pitch.

8. Make use of social media, blogs and content marketing

The collective intelligence of your firm means that there’s a wealth of knowledge that can be refined and shared with prospects. Creating a blog is one of the best ways you can display this knowledge and help move potential customers through your sales funnel.

This is the time of year when most people will have tax-related questions and as a result, are looking for answers in the form of content. So fill up your blog and social media accounts with relevant tax information.

9. Optimize your website

As an accounting firm or CPA that wants to find new clients online, it’s very important that you optimize your website. Doing so will help you appear higher in search engine results and can help you acquire more leads, ultimately increasing your conversion rate.

The aim is to make people visit your website and then take an action like, calling you, asking questions, or filling out a form.

10. Utilize PPC marketing

PPC, or, pay-per-click marketing is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You can target specific keywords with Google AdWords pay to appear first for those terms. You can also use the AdWords keyword planner tool to find the most-searched phrases that have relatively low competition.

Final thoughts

With tax season underway you might find yourself overwhelmed with work, but you should still be actively trying to pull in new clients for next tax season. And, now is the perfect time to do so. With so many people searching for answers to their tax concerns make sure your business stands out as an industry authority. Keep your eyes open for new channels to engage with your potential customers and you’re sure to see more clients coming through the door.

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