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Attract Big Clients to Your Consulting Firm: 5 Tips

Here are 5 ways you can attract big clients to your consulting firm.

3 mins readJune 09, 2019

How to Attract Big Clients to Your Consulting Firm: 5 Tips

In today’s competitive world, every company strives to win over their competitors. Consulting firms are no exception. Consulting is a growing and significant business. Once you get a good consulting client and deliver quality work to them, they will bring more clients to you.

Now the question is - HOW DO YOU GET CONSULTING CLIENTS FAST? As a small firm or freelancer, it might seem impossible for many, but actually, it’s not. It’s all about the way you sell your services or products to prospective clients to make your brand stand out.

Here are 5 ways you can attract big clients to your consulting firm.

1. Polish your consultancy skills

Because of the vast competition, every consulting firm is striving to solve a problem for their clients. For that, it’s important that a consulting firm acquires all the skills that make them a one-stop solution for their clients.

As a consultancy firm, you need to work on different skills that will benefit your clients. If you have the right skill set, you can market your services to your target audience and become a reliable solution provider for your client.

Remember that most big companies look for consultants who offer several skills sets and who bring the right solutions to the table.

Some of the marketable skills these companies look for in a consulting firm are - freelance writing, cold emailing, customer support, SQL, link building, Google Analytics, case studies, web development, and more.

So to attract big clients, you need to make sure that your consulting firm offers all the services that add value to the client’s business.

2. Practice Public Speaking

Another trait that can attract big prospective clients to your consulting firm is your public speaking skills. Believe it or not, speaking in public is the most required skill clients look for when hiring a consultant or a consulting firm.

In most cases, it’s the deciding factor whether your potential client wants to hire you or not! Be it career development or business growth or both, public speaking is one of the most essential traits required by several firms.

If you are a part of a consulting firm, make sure to practice public speaking regularly as it will be a bonus point for you and your firm. American business investor, philanthropist, and speaker Warren Buffett said that anyone can improve their value by 50% if they learn public speaking.

It’s the most impactful method for a consulting firm who is seeking effective ways to get consulting clients fast. The reason is that big clients often attend events, conferences and when they see and listen to someone speaking in public confidently, they might want to hire that consultant.

3. Use Email Marketing to Reach Prospects

Email marketing is a great, and cheap, way to generate more leads for your consulting firm. Put together a subscription list of all your clients and prospective clients and send them a monthly newsletter.

Make sure you put interesting and relavent content in your newsletters; this could be in the form of industry news, case studies, customer testimonials, upcoming events, etc.

The main objective market yourself as an industry authority that your clients can rely on. This way, they'll be sure to come back, and refer your services to other business owners.

4. Reach out to social media influencers

Today, many brands and businesses are collaborating with social media influencers to promote their businesses. As a consulting firm owner, you need to know how to approach or ask them to team up with you.

Reaching out to social influencers is more of an art and less of a technical endeavor. To grab their attention, you can either follow them on social media or comment and mention them in your blog post.

Gaining an endorsement from a popular social media influencer within your industry gives your consulting business great exposure. The more your brand is endorsed by an influencer, the more it will draw the attention of big companies.

So make sure you are reaching out to relevant social media influencers who can help your firm to grow and make it reachable to a potential audience.

5. Advertise Your Consultancy Services the Right Way

Although you may not want to shell out the extra cash, if done properly, paid advertising could provide great results for your business; and the best part is you don't need to pay an agency, you can do it yourself.

For example Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook all make it easy to promote your content. This will bring your services to the attention of a wider auidence, thus bringing in more leads.

Here are a few tips from Entrepreneur for marketing your consultancy business in a way that will get clients through your doors:

  • Personalize your sales message.
  • Stress the benefits of your offer.
  • Cold calls.
  • Newsletters.
  • Editorials and opinions.

How to Attract Big Clients to Your Consulting Firm: Wrapping Up

As a business owner, you are keenly aware that your clients are the lifeblood of your company.

To attract big clients to your consulting firm, you need to work on your service standards, your skills, reputation, etc.

If you are serious about growing your business, then these five tips will surely help you improve your consulting business.

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