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How to Boost Sales in Summer

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Everyone loves summertime; however, the sunny days can be a really rough time for businesses that are not located near tourist spots. As schools go on break, and families set out for vacation, only a few people are left to patronize businesses. In-store traffic can drastically dwindle and sales decrease, but your summer sale process doesn’t have to decline.

If you are in need of ways to boost sales this summer, check out these eight strategies to help heat up your summer sales:

Explore Tourism

Every business or industry is uniquely different. While there are some businesses that flourish during summertime, others dip in loss or slow sales. Tourism is one of such businesses that thrive well in summer, most especially businesses that serve tourists. Find new ways to get your share of tourists’ money. Partner with hotels and restaurants; offer them and/or their guests' discounts when they buy products from you. You can also advertise your services in local visitors guide so tourists can find your business when they need you.

Aim for Home Buyers

Similar to tourism, home buying is a seasonal business that booms during the spring and summer months. However, it isn’t only real estate agents that can benefit from this business. As a small business owner in the niche of home improvement or residential service providers, you can get your potential customers from home buyers. You can offer a freebie or discount to first-time home buyers to encourage patronage.

Be Engaged in your Customers’ Activities

Summertime is usually abuzz with activities like concerts, festivals, community events, live trivia, etc. Your customers want to have fun and be engaged in these activities; go wherever they go. Sponsor the event if you can or set up a booth at the event. You can also give out informational brochures about your business. Get yourself involved in activities that are relevant to your business to increase your business’ visibility and drive sales. This is also an avenue to meet your ideal customer or network with other small business owners.

Organize In-Store/Outdoor Events

Another fun and sure way to increase your sales is to host a summer-themed event at your store. Depending on your business type, this is a good opportunity to launch a yard sale. If you are not sure how to pull this off, try to partner with another business or a charity organization. Include the name of the organization on the invitation and let them know a portion of the sales will be donated to them. Make sure you provide snacks, drinks and entertainment to keep guests happy. You can also make good use of the warm weather and treat your clients and their friends to a classic outdoor event, like a sporting event, barbecue, etc. Interact with people and create conversations that will allow you to pitch your products and services to them. This can help you get potential clients through word of mouth referrals.

Use Social Media as a Tool

Use summer themes and visuals that reflect your business type in your social media campaigns. Sponsoring your content on social media is also a great way to drive sales during a slow season. Include landing pages that will lead them to your website. Do social media contests and giveaways to keep your existing customers and potential customers engaged. This will help to increase interaction with your followers and cause them to refer others to your page.

Go With The Flow

Your sales team shouldn’t slack on various sales and marketing opportunities during summertime. Get a list of summer events or activities that you can write content on when promoting and selling your products. Such activities may be a beach trip, baseball event or a cookout. You can participate in any of these events, write blog posts or social media posts about them and use them in promoting relevant products and services.

Increase your Value

Don’t be tempted to reduce your prices during the slow months. Instead of slashing down your prices, attract customers to buy by increasing the perceived value of your goods and services. For instance, a beauty salon could offer a deal in which customers who purchase items from them get a branded T-shirt. While you are at it, ensure you are offering good customer service. Not only can this small business marketing tactic help to drive sales, but you could also get good customer testimonials.

Offer Discounts

Sometimes discounts are the way to go. To get people storming through your storefront during the warm months, try offering discounts on selected items over a period of time. Promote these discounted offers on your social media page to entice potential clients to buy. Your summer sales figures might be facing a downward trend, but that doesn’t mean your small business profits have to suffer. Stir up some excitement about your products or services and others will follow suit. Follow the eight sales boosting tips above and watch your summer sales skyrocket no matter the temperature!

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