How to Boost Restaurant Lunch Sales Through Online Ordering System

How online order is boosting restaurant sales

In today’s fast-moving world, people want everything that is quick and expedient. Latest trends and practical innovations are slowly dominating each trade and the food service industry is no exception. Gone are the days of physically visiting a restaurant and driving long miles just to have a quick lunch or sumptuous dinner. Because nowadays, offering a convenient ordering system is much more important than having an attractive and strategically located food business.

With the ability to transform the traditional food ordering system into an easy process, online ordering is slowly revolutionizing the restaurant industry. What could be more exciting than having the luxury of browsing menu items right in the comfort of your own home or office? Or having food delivered when you need it most? While ordering online serves as a momentous event for busy and hungry clients, for restaurant owners this means increased sales and, eventually, success.

1. Bigger Orders

If you’re wondering how to boost restaurant lunch sales through online ordering, there’s actually a science behind it and not just pure magic. Compared to buying food in physical restaurants, people tend to order more online due to a variety of reasons. One of which is that they don’t have to think about leftovers because they are already at home and it’s easy to store remaining foods. Even office workers can simply share extra food with their co-workers.

Another reason is that people value privacy when ordering meals. Unlike the embarrassment they feel when ordering extras or exploring choices, they don’t feel such discomfort when ordering food online. Bigger order means good business, and you can use this to your advantage to increase restaurant sales. Online ordering means:

  • People need not worry about getting a table or causing a queue on the counter.
  • Customers can explore your food offerings without any pressure.
  • They might feel the need to order more for next day’s lunch or dinner.

2. Better marketing strategies

A recent study revealed that 88% of customers use the powers of the internet when looking to make a reservation at a restaurant or for a suitable place to dine in. Admit it or not, the internet plays a big role when it comes to promoting products and services. While most local businesses make use of nearby communities to establish a good number of followers, having an online ordering system in place allows you to better market your restaurant with no complexities.

A strong and stable online ordering system opens up whole new possibilities of advertisement and promotion. You can use SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization and social media platforms to advertise your food business. By building a virtual order counter, it gives potential customers several advantages like:

  • Skipping the “look and think” browsing phase making the entire process desirable.
  • Giving them the utmost convenience by offering easy-to-install ordering applications.
  • Enhanced communication, flexible client management, and on-point ordering method.

3. Stronger Database

Aside from its diverse marketing benefits, an online ordering system can also help your restaurant build a stronger and more efficient database. When consumers come into your restaurant, order food and dine in, they will usually eat, pay, and leave – end of story. Thanking them for their support, you are left with no contact information.

Keep in mind that having solid customer data bears huge importance if you want increased sales, and an online ordering system helps build this vital information with such ease and comfort. Armed with customer’s contact information, you can use this as a tool to contact them and re-promote your restaurant business. Utilize this database to:

  • Send thank you emails, updates, and invites for special occasions or events.
  • Circulate promotions, new lunch menu, deal of the day, season specials, etc.
  • Ask them to follow your blog post, website, and social media accounts.

4. Easier Process

Continuing with these tips on how to boost restaurant lunch sales, another great thing about the online ordering system is that it provides an easy avenue for your customers to order food according to their preference. With its fast and simple ordering process, you are making your restaurant service available to customers virtually 24/7. People can order anything they want wherever, and whenever they need it.

Most people have a limited time in a day that they often choose to order food online, rather than physically visit a restaurant. To this end, make sure that you have a straightforward process and easy-to-use ordering application. Customers should be able to place orders with simple taps and clicks. And since orders are done ahead of time, it gives your staff ample time to prepare meals in advance.

  • Invest in high quality and customizable POS, or Point of Sales system.
  • Make sure that you have a stunning and reliable delivery service.
  • Always be prepared for big orders, such as the normal hour for lunch and dinner service.
  • Apps from Square, Upserve, and GrubHub make it easy to offer online ordering to customers

5. Happier Customers

Securing an online ordering system isn’t all about generating sales or increasing revenue. On top of financial matters, it equally makes your customers happy by keeping them satisfied. Customer satisfaction is an integral part of every business, and owners should realize the needs of their clients and provide solutions to answer their desires. By giving your customers an option to order food online, it reflects your value as a company that you listen to client demands.

Likewise, the dependable process of online ordering promotes healthy communication between your staff and customers. Fewer mistakes mean fewer complaints and more satisfied patrons. Also, as a business owner, you can save more money through this technology by eliminating the need to hire more people without sacrificing customer service. To keep customers happy and satisfied, consider:

  • Offering free delivery services for bulk orders and regular clients.
  • Give out loyalty programs in which customers can earn points to keep them coming back.
  • Double check everything to ensure food accuracy, orders made should be orders delivered.

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