How to Boost Restaurant Lunch Sales With an Online Ordering System

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How to Boost Restaurant Lunch Sales Through Online Ordering System

Online restaurant ordering is booming. A survey by Statista, found that online food delivery is expected to produce nearly $24 million in revenue in 2020 and the food-service industry is quickly adapting to the increased demand.

Increasingly, consumers enjoy the convenience of browning menu items and having food delivered right to their door. So, how can you capitalize on the increased demand for online ordering? Here are 5 tips on how to boost restaurant lunch sales.

#1 Encourage bigger orders

First, compared to buying food in physical restaurants, people tend to order more online. So, you should be encouraging your customers to add more to their cart. For example, you can offer free delivery if the customer spends a minimum amount, or offer a free drink or side dish if they add an extra main course. This can go a long way in boosting your sales per ticket.

#2 Maximize the features of your online ordering system

A recent study revealed that 88% of customers look online first to make a reservation at a restaurant. Therefore, a strong and stable online ordering system opens up new possibilities for advertisement and promotion.

You can use SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization and social media platforms to advertise your food business. By building a virtual order counter, it gives potential customers several advantages like:

  • Skipping the “look and think” browsing phase making the entire process more desirable.
  • Giving them the utmost convenience by offering easy-to-install ordering applications.
  • Enhanced communication, flexible client management, and on-point ordering method.

#3 Utilize customer data

Aside from its diverse marketing benefits, an online ordering system can also help your restaurant build a stronger and more efficient database of customer information.

Armed with your customer’s contact information and order information, you can use this as a tool to contact them and promote deals they’ll be interested in. Utilize this database to:

  • Send thank you emails, updates, and invites for special occasions or events.
  • Circulate promotions, new lunch menu items, deals of the day, seasonal specials, etc.
  • Ask them to follow your blog, website, and social media accounts.

#4 Make sure you have the delivery capacity

Understand when your peak order hours are and have a plan in place to handle the increased capacity.

A study by Mckinsey found that reliable delivery times are a key factor in customer satisfaction, with over 60% saying it’s important to them. Furthermore, the study found that the ideal delivery window is within 60 minutes.

To increase the efficiency of your delivery system, make sure:

  • Invest in high-quality and customizable POS, or Point of Sales system.
  • Make sure you have enough delivery drivers during your peak hours to avoid order delays.
  • Utilize order batching and route automation.

#5 Focus on customer satisfaction

Securing an online ordering system isn’t all about generating sales or increasing revenue, it can help keep your customers satisfied.

Customer satisfaction is an integral part of every business, and owners should realize the needs of their clients and provide solutions to answer their desires.

Transparency is key when maintaining customer satisfaction and using a reliable online ordering system can help you easily communicate with your customers about their order details and delivery times.

To keep customers happy and satisfied, consider:

  • Offering free delivery services for bulk orders and regular clients.
  • Give out loyalty programs in which customers can earn points to keep them coming back.
  • Double-check everything to ensure food accuracy, orders made should be orders delivered.

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