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High-Pay Construction Jobs You Need to Know About

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The construction industry is a very broad field with all sorts of job opportunities. If you want the highest possible salary, you will need to choose your job carefully. Our list of the eight best-paying construction jobs can help you choose the right career path for your goals.

1. Elevator Installation and Repairs

Overall, the highest paying job for an independent contractor is a job working with elevators. This job requires following strict safety guidelines and working in small, enclosed spaces, so it pays very well.

To qualify for this job, you will typically need to take a few educational courses and receive a license. If you are willing to put in the work, expect a great pay.

People who install, maintain, and repair elevators make an average of $88,500 per year. The building of more high rises means there is plenty of demand for elevator workers. The high number of jobs available makes it easy to find the best paying opportunities.

2. Electricians

When looking for high-paying jobs in construction, be sure to consider electrical work. Whether you are working on installing wiring for a new building or going out on service calls to hang a homeowner's ceiling fan, you can get a very nice salary for your work. The average electrician makes around $56,100, and some might make as much as $100,000 per year.

The electrician field is full of opportunities. Even starting out as an apprentice often gets you more money than a general laborer at a construction site. As you gain more experience, you can work on more complex jobs.

Many electricians even go on to start their own business, which provides an even higher income. Even with new construction innovations, this field has a very high growth rate, so you can expect even more great opportunities in the future.

3. Building Inspection

Did you know that one of the highest paying construction trades does not involve actually building anything yourself? You can actually make a lot of money just by verifying other people's work.

Inspectors examine buildings and ensure there are no big problems before the building is sold. This job is often a little less physically rigorous than basic construction jobs, and it pays around $60,700 per year.

Keep in mind that this is not an entry-level job though. Building inspectors usually need to have experience in the industry and knowledge about local building codes.

If you have already been a construction worker for a while and want to move on to a higher paying option, taking an inspection certification course can be a smart move.

4. Plumbers

Like electricians, this is a specialized construction job that provides plenty of opportunities. Plumbers have a lot of options for work, ranging from new building construction to residential repairs. They can end up installing pipes, repairing certain appliances, or fixing clogs in pipes. This valuable service means that plumbers make an average of $55,160 per year.

To make the most money possible as a plumber, consider getting involved in a special field. Plumbers who work with gas appliances or tricky systems like boilers make around $63,000 each year.

Any plumbing job does require special construction training. However, investing in yourself and getting a plumbing license can result in a big pay upgrade.

5. Metalworkers

Any construction that involves working with metal pays more. Sheet metal workers fabricate products like HVAC ducting, while ironworkers install reinforcement rods or steel beams for buildings. Both of these careers pay around $50,000 to $53,000 per year. Especially in areas with a lot of new construction, the jobs pay quite well.

This sort of job is high paying without requiring extensive education. You might still need some certifications to comply with local guidelines. However, a lot of the job can be learned through apprenticing instead of going to school.

If you're trying to choose between sheet metal and iron work, iron working might be the best option. This field has a higher growth rate than sheet metal jobs.

6. Equipment Operators

On any commercial construction site, there is all sorts of heavy equipment, like bulldozers, forklifts, cranes, or backhoes.

Though using this equipment might seem like a standard construction job, it actually requires some extra training. In most areas, you will need to have experience or a license to operate this equipment.

Since you have to spend a bit of extra effort getting trained, equipment operation compensates you with a higher-than-average paycheck. The average heavy equipment operator makes around $48,100 a year. This is almost as much as an electrician makes, but it requires far less education or experience.

7. Insulation Worker

This is an often overlooked construction job that pays a very high salary. Insulation workers help with adding insulation to buildings. The job is about as physically demanding and requires as little training as a general laborer. However, insulation installers make a lot more money.

The typical insulation worker makes roughly $44,100 per year. They usually work on teams that are run by a supervisor or an insulation installing company. As you acquire more experience, you can get promoted to these higher paying jobs where you can make as much as $69,000 per year.

8. Glazier

A glazier is a worker that installs glass in buildings. Most people think of glaziers as being window installers, but glaziers also have a role in creating mirrors, shower doors, and built-in displays. This is a very specialized craft, so it can pay around $44,600 each year.

To become a glazier, you usually need on-the-job training. Instead of taking classes or exams, you sign up to work with a professional glazier. This pays a lower salary at first that is on par with a general laborer.

However, once you get enough experience, you start to make a higher salary. If you eventually begin to oversee other glaziers or open your own company, you can make quite a lot of money.

Tips for Getting the Best-Paying Construction Jobs

Ultimately, most of the highest paying jobs require a little extra effort. Some of these options, like equipment operators or insulation installers, just require signing up for the right entry-level job and getting on-the-job training.

However, most of the high-paying jobs do require taking a class or getting a license. Don't let the idea of doing this intimidate you. In most cases, the training is fast, affordable, and easy to learn.

In building and construction, the really big money comes from working as an independent contractor. This type of job is essentially like starting a small business. Instead of working for an employer, you hire yourself out directly, so you get a better paycheck. If you end up with a few employees working under you, you can end up making even more.

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