How to Grow Your Debris Removal Service

Growth debris removal service

In 2014, 534 million tons of construction and demolition debris was generated in the United States. This might be a shocking amount of yard waste for common people but for debris disposal services, this means business is booming.

If you want to grow your debris removal service in the easiest and most efficient ways possible, check out these five tips below.

Tip 1: College Clean Out

Summer is when most students go home with their parents to enjoy college break while others use this opportunity to transfer to a new home or apartment. Leaving the dorm for longer periods of time creates a lot of waste disposal opportunities. Many students don’t have trucks or spacious vans to haul their things, and most likely, they’ll be calling removal companies to get their unusable items quickly disposed of before heading out for vacation.

This is a great time for your small business to expand its operation and capitalize on college clean out. The most common things you’ll likely haul away are couches, tables, desks, books, sporting equipment, mini kitchen appliances, chairs, cabinets, and other student-life related items.

Here are some tips to build your business with these customers:

  • Consider giving special discounted rates only for students. Keep in mind that students may not have a lot of money and they will likely be attracted to an affordable yet efficient waste collection company.
  • Ask the school administration if you can be the exclusive debris removal service. This might be challenging but having a good business reputation will definitely help establish trust.

Tip 2: Foreclosure Clean Outs

The real estate market can be volatile. One day housing sales are skyrocketing but in the following weeks or months, you might see a decline in the industry. Foreclosures are happening in nearly every neighborhood, regardless of location. The number of homes foreclosed by banks means opportunity for your junk removal company. Foreclosed homes are often purchased by real estate investors who want to flip the homes or rent them out, and most of them need a trusted provider to do house clean outs.

Establish a good relationship with real estate agents and earn their trust for repeat business. Your excellent service can lead to recommendations with other agents so make sure to do a great job.

  • Give real estate agents or investors a price they can’t resist. It is better to have minimal profits for a repeat business than to have huge earnings for a one-time transaction.
  • Consider adding other services for your waste removal business. Offer carpet cleaning jobs, basic home repairs, remodeling projects, and other offerings to increase your profits.
  • If you want to get contracts with banks, comply with all mandated requirements and make sure that your debris removal service has the necessary permits and insurance to operate legally within the area.

Tip 3: Become a mobile billboard for your debris removal service

If you want to boost sales, add customers, and attract future contracts, make sure that your business is well-known in the area. One marketing idea that is used by many business owners is utilizing their trucks or vans as a mobile billboard by wrapping the vehicle with a professional design. It is a one-time cost to your debris removal company and there are no recurring monthly payments or annual subscriptions fees.

The great thing about a wrapped vehicle is that when you’re driving in your town or city, you’re a rolling advertisement for your company. Even when your truck is parked, people will see and recognize your business. It’s like having a 24/7 advertisement without the ongoing expense of traditional advertising.

  • Instead of paint or magnetic signs, consider using car wraps. They are affordable, highly customizable and it won’t hurt the finish of your vehicle. Wraps are weather resistant so using them on your truck or van will protect the finish of your truck or van for a long time.
  • Make sure to include the brand, tagline, web address, or phone number of your removal service company. To avoid a cluttered design, include essential information only.

Tip 4: Build a website

If you think that listing your construction debris removal company in yellow pages will garner much public attention, you might be remembering the 90s. The modern way of marketing and promoting your business is through the use of technology – such as websites and social networking sites. They are far more powerful and affordable compared to traditional methods used in the past. Even if you have a small company with few employees, building a website will be beneficial for your business.

  • When consumers need a business, the search begins online now — and often that search starts on a mobile device, usually a smartphone. Many times the difference between being found and sitting around waiting for a customer is as simple as being where the customers are looking for you.
  • Build a multiple platform functional website. Think of it as the storefront of your business in the virtual world. Your services should be clearly visible along with your contact information.
  • Don’t forget to create a dedicated social networking page. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more – use these tools to advertise your debris removal service.
  • Study how SEO or Search Engine Optimization works and apply it to your website.
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Tip 5: Start a referral program

Who doesn’t want discounts, freebies, offers, and rewards? Customers love special deals, but they need to be worthwhile for them to be noticed. One proven method of building goodwill while growing your yard debris removal business is by starting a referral program. A good referral program makes your existing customers ambassadors of your brand, bringing you even more potential clients.

Combining referral programs with special deals provides an incentive for your customers to recommend your business, and it gives them more reasons to endorse your services through friends and family members. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Offer special discounts when they refer a friend for a removal service. It can be a percentage discount on their next cleanup, free yard cleaning, or special membership privileges.
  • When someone hires you after their referral, have some freebies available to give away. Make sure that your free items are useful and related to your business, such as household cleaning tools, so customers will be reminded of your removal company.

Following these tips and making sure that your small business is properly covered with the right debris removal business insurance is the best combination to begin building a more successful business. Get debris removal business insurance here with optimized coverage to meet your exact needs.


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