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How an Army Veteran is Using his New Business to Locate Human Trafficking Victims

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John Groseclose, the founder and director of Groseclose Investigative Service LLC (GIS), spent more than 24 years working in Army Intelligence tracking terrorist and insurgent leaders and locating victims of human trafficking. His work earned him a Legion of Merit Award and three Bronze Stars. Now he’s putting his skills to good use in his hometown of Tampa, Florida. We sat down with John to learn more about why he opened GIS and his experience with CoverWallet.

What does your business do?

GIS is a licensed private investigation business in the state of Florida. We opened our doors this year and provide services for corporate investigations and surveillance, locating difficult-to-find individuals and conducting background checks. However, our true passion is to work with human trafficking non-profit organizations to assist in locating missing and exploited children as well as run-away teens.

What made you want to open your own business?

During my career with the military I conducted intelligence operations around the globe. While I was working in the Balkans, I saw first-hand how devastating the human trafficking trade is, not just on the victims, but on the community as well. Most of the cases I dealt with involved young women who had been kidnapped or tricked into the commercial sex trade. It was horrible to see how traumatized they were, but being able to reunite them with their families is very fulfilling. You know you’ve made a difference, even if it’s a small victory.

After 24 years of service, I knew it was the right time to leave and become my own boss. I had done some private investigation work in the past and really enjoyed it. I opened up GIS to put my skills to good use in my community.

What other cases does GIS deal with?

GIS works with private citizens as well as nonprofits and corporations to assist in fulfilling their investigation needs. Sometimes the work may be as simple as helping an individual close the chapter on a relationship due to a spouse's infidelity; or it may include something more complex such as locating hard to find individuals. Regardless of the work being performed, GIS works tirelessly to provide timely, accurate information utilizing the utmost ethical and legal standards.

How did you find CoverWallet and what has the customer experience been like for you?

I found CoverWallet while searching online for insurance for private investigation agencies. I compared several companies but CoverWallet was the only one that could provide the coverage I needed at a price I could afford. CoverWallet has been very helpful in assisting me in finding the right insurance at the right price. Their customer service has been very professional and they fully answered all my questions.

John has a tenacious curiosity to always find the truth. For more information,check out Groseclose Investigation Services. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.