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How a Professional Singer Formed the First-Ever Handbell Production Company

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Julia Falkenburg, the founder of New York City-based Global Bronze Productions, never envisioned she would be a business owner. “I thought I would be an opera singer, but I fell in love with producing while I was working for my previous company. I found that everything I loved about singing, I could also find in producing concerts. It really helped me build the confidence I need to start my company.”

Falkenburg tells us she saw a unique opportunity in the market to open Global Bronze Productions. “I was planning the first-ever large scale handbell production for Carnegie Hall with my previous employer. I personally had to recruit close to 300 handbell ringers, and in doing so, I got to meet so many great people. I realized this was the only sect of musicians that didn’t have any sort of professional concert production company. Global Bronze Productions is the first-ever company to cater to these musicians.”

Falkenburg tells us there were plenty of people who told her it couldn’t be done. “Producing a handbell concert is more complex than a typical choir or orchestra since the bells require large tables to be played off of. There was this notion that it couldn’t be done, so people stopped trying, and there were plenty of people who told me not to get my hopes up.”

Falkenburg’s determination has already paid off. “We opened our doors in April and we’ve already done some really incredible concerts. We recently performed at the Bushnell, the top concert venue in Connecticut. It was a first in the 90-plus year history of the venue.”

Falkenburg tells us the concert was a huge success, but it wouldn’t have happened without the help of CoverWallet. “24 hours before the concert was supposed to start, I got a call from the Bushnell and they told me the insurance I had wasn’t enough. They said unless our insurance coverage met certain criteria we wouldn’t be allowed to have the concert. I was in a complete panic, but my friend, and musical director, Neesa Hart had used CoverWallet in the past and recommended you. I called after-hours on a Friday and the representative was still able to help me and made sure I had everything I needed. You just don’t see that kind of customer service anymore.”

You can learn more about Global Bronze Productions on their website and Facebook.