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How One Woman's Path to Wellness Inspired Her to Create Her Business

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In 1999, Faye Brandmaier had just moved back to the U.S from Europe with her husband and three children, the youngest of whom was just a week old, when she received some devastating news. She was diagnosed with lymphoma, a form of cancer that attacks the body’s lymphatic system. “When I heard the news I was in a state of shock, but immediately I wanted to understand how I got sick and how I could prevent it from happening again.”

After getting through her battle with cancer, Brandmaier’s diagnosis propelled her on a decade-long journey to understand how holistic medicine can be harnessed to help people heal and recover from illnesses.

“It took me six years to feel like I had detoxed from all the chemotherapy drugs I had to take during my treatment.” It was through that experience that Brandmaier realized the opportunity to help others. “I learned the path to wellness always has to incorporate a combination of things, such as a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.”

Brandmaier launched Energetic Medicine Woman in 2004 where she helps people with chronic illness on a path to wellness through biofeedback technology. “We take a holistic approach to healing, and I work with bioenergetic medicine to help bring a patient’s body back into balance. We use technology that can playback the frequencies in the body, and if we see an abnormal spike we can help realign those frequencies.”

Brandmaier knew the road to owning her own business would be full and ups and downs but her advice to other entrepreneurs is simple, “start something that you feel a driving passion for, something that will keep you going. You always have to build good relationships with other people who believe in your philosophy, and those relationships will make a big difference in your success.”

Even though running a business comes with challenges, Brandmaier knows there’s one thing she doesn’t need to worry about, her insurance. “CoverWallet has been absolutely fantastic! I love knowing that whenever I call I’ll reach a real person who can help me. I really appreciate that human interaction with someone I can trust.”