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We sat down with CoverWallet customer Ysante McDowell to learn how she and her husband, Ed, were able to grow their business from a simple operation in their kitchen to an international company. Keep reading to discover their recipe for success.


Husband and wife duo, Ed and Ysante McDowell, never thought they would be business owners. For the McDowell’s, their business venture started in the kitchen. Ysante tells us, “it started in the summer of 2015, Ed was just experimenting when he called me in and said I had to taste what he had created.”

Ysante says Ed’s passion for cooking comes naturally. “Ed has always been a self-made chef, we have a real passion for feeding people, it’s just something we’ve always done. But we never thought it would lead to this.”

In September of 2015, they decided to turn Ed’s talent into a business by launching their company Ed’s All Purpose Seasoning LLC.

Thanks to Ed’s cooking skills and Ysante’s business savvy, a simple recipe that started in their kitchen in Chesnee, South Carolina has now turned into an international business.

Ed's All Purpose Seasoning LLC

“We started out at a local produce stand selling sample bags for people to try, and now our seasoning is sold in 15 grocery stores and ships worldwide on Amazon.”

And the business continues to grow. Ysante tells us they have a new partnership launching soon with one of the biggest universities in South Carolina.

The success of Ed’s All Purpose Seasoning has surprised the McDowell’s. Ysante says, “We’re still pinching ourselves. To have a vision and dream come to life, to watch this come to fruition has just been incredible.”

The company’s growth has taught Ysante some valuable lessons that other entrepreneurs can learn from. “If you have a vision, write it down and make it realistic. If you have unrealistic goals, you’re setting yourself up to be discouraged. Keep reaching toward your goals and pushing your passion; don’t give up.”

While the McDowell’s focus on growing their business they have peace of mind knowing a vital aspect of the company is being taken care of— their insurance. “Our experience with CoverWallet has been amazing. We got exactly what we needed. CoverWallet really went above and beyond to make sure everything was in line; it really exceeded our expectations.”

You can find more information about Ed’s All Purpose Seasoning on Facebook and Amazon.