How this Handyman Launched a Successful Business

d and b services

Ben Bowers owns D and B Services LLC, a construction and handyman service located in Greeneville, South Carolina. We sat down with Ben to learn more about his business and how CoverWallet is helping him succeed.

D and B Services LLC offers contract construction work and services like custom carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, and vinyl flooring.

Ben Bowers had always wanted to own his own business and he spent years honing his craft as a freelancer. “D and B Services launched in early 2020 but I had been doing contract work for years. I was partnering with Home Depot, Lowes and Home Advisor to offer my services and the word of mouth referrals started growing from there.”

Ben also serves in the Marine Corps Reserves and says the military has taught him some valuable lessons about being a business owner. “I think it’s all about trust. I only work with top-notch guys who I know will get the job done to the best of their ability for the customer.”

d and b services

Since launching his business Ben says he’s been busier than ever, which is why he’s happy he found CoverWallet. “CoverWallet streamlined the process and made getting my business insurance easy. I had been looking at a lot of other providers but they came back with very expensive quotes. I called CoverWallet and they were very helpful and made sure I got the coverage I needed at a better price.”

You can learn more about D and B Services LLC on their Facebook page.


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