Crossroads Fitness by Mia Brabaek

crossroads fitness

In a world where massive corporations rule the consumer market, small businesses struggle to stay afloat. The competition is fierce and many times large corporations overshadow the products that small businesses have to offer. But the small businesses in my small Colorado town are incredibly special. They each have unique products to offer and truly bring the spirit of Colorado into the community.

There are many incredible shops and businesses here, but my favorite is my own place of employment; a gym with a passion for its members and a love for a healthier community. Crossroads Fitness is a local, family-owned fitness center located on the western slope of Colorado. It has been in business for thirty-three years and is thriving in the midst of corporate competition. It is my favorite business, not only because I work there, but because I know the owners personally and see their love and passion for providing an incredible health club. They care for their employees and their members alike, striving to create a balanced environment of support and encouragement. Members and employees come first; their concerns, their praises. Crossroads is one of the healthiest and most incredible businesses I have ever seen.

Many troubles surround them like a pack of ravenous wolves. From corporate gyms to a federally funded community center that threatens to wipe away the competition, Crossroads has many looming challenges. Yet even in the wake of a saturated fitness market, Crossroads has stayed on top because of its exemplary staff and true passion to provide a top-rated health club. I am not under obligation to say these things because I work there. I came to love this business because of the people. The members there are family, not memberships. An older woman, who regularly attends the club, constantly calls me when I work, to ask how my shift is going and to tell me how her day at the gym went. She loves Crossroads; it is her life. She bakes treats for the staff because the staff loves her.

Truly, Crossroads is my favorite business because of the members. It is my favorite because of the owners, one of whom regularly works at the front desk because he loves to interact and talk with the members. He treats the staff like his equals. It is my favorite because I get to learn names and get to know the people behind those names; the members get to know me and my passions.

The risks to this family-owned business are great; the market here in this town is over saturated with corporate gyms and community centers. But Crossroads is incredibly special. It thrives because its members are more than just dollar signs. It’s a family of staff welcoming people in with open arms, supporting them and encouraging them to live their healthiest. Crossroads stands in the midst of giants, but it greatly outshines the others because it is a family, and a family is stronger than any single corporation.


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