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Any business can leverage marketing activities to help the company grow. A good marketing plan is crucial for a business’s success, as it can set you apart from your competitors.

Why marketing matters

In the business world, particularly in the construction industry, only the big firms typically invest in marketing. In reality, all businesses regardless of size should be doing this. Marketing should be one of the first functions business owners consider before anything else. In the construction industry where competition is high prospective customers may not know about your business without marketing, so you end up losing your chance to earn. Here are some other reasons why it matters to market your construction business:

  • Brand awareness. What do you want your customers think of when they hear your company name? Their answer defines their experience of your business. It separates you from your competitors, giving you the competitive advantage.
  • Advertising. Whether print ad or digital ad, advertising keeps customers informed about your construction business. It publicises your business and creates awareness of your brand to both current and potential customers.
  • Public relations (PR). Public relations is one of the means to communicate and build relationships with your customers. It also builds trust and credibility, thereby attracting new customers.

Target a specific segment

Now that you know the importance of marketing for your construction business, you may be thinking that you want to get started as soon as possible. Not so fast, though. It’s important to first know your market and dedicate most of your marketing ideas and marketing efforts to just a few segments of the market, or even just one.

Targeting everyone in your market is a costly and ineffective method of reaching out to potential customers. On your company's side, it would be a good option to focus on one type of project or to specialize in a specific construction type to make it easier to market your services. By being clear about what you’re offering, you don’t confuse your customers with what it is that you actually do or specialize in.

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Create engaging content

Your construction business’ website should not just show the services you offer or the previous projects you’ve done. Your website should also include engaging content such as blog posts related to construction projects that your customers might find interesting. Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies because by using this you’re educating your customers on how they can get the most out of your services and reassuring them that they’re choosing the right company. Every good piece of content you produce gives you an opportunity to showcase your services to the world.

Without interesting and unique content, you will be attracting customers who are searching for low prices, which might be misleading. The reason behind that is that if your content is not original and does not say much about you, potential customers will only be interested in checking the prices you offer, and then they may possibly lose interest. With valuable and relevant content, however, you’re persuading potential customers, building trust and ultimately driving them to call to action.

There are different types of engaging content. They can be in the form of:

  • Photos and videos of previous or current construction sites
  • Case studies (regarding specific construction projects)
  • Educational content (to help customers in their decision making)

Seek out new clients

The practice of getting new clients is especially important for your construction business. Yes, it may be cheaper to just keep and maintain your existing customers compared to seeking out new ones, but remember that your current customers may not always have work for you. That’s why it’s important to always seek the opportunity to meet new clients. This can be done by networking and engaging with clients in different events.

Creating partnerships with companies in the construction industry is also a good way to reach out to new customers. This allows you to meet a new group of people that might end up being your customers. Also, do not forget your previous prospects. Stay in touch with them and provide them with more valuable content to win them over this time.

And of course, nothing beats referrals from repeat and current customers. Your reputation as the company that provides consistent great customer experience easily gets out in the community through word of mouth.

Enhance your social media platforms

“I Googled you!” This is one of the answers most new clients will give when you ask them how they learned about your company. In this day and age, your business’ online presence is just as important as establishing your brand in the community. By keeping your website up to date and making sure you have fresh new content, you increase your chances of appearing in at least the top 5 of search engines. And when this happens, you’re not just creating awareness, you’re also building a strong online presence for your business at the same time.

Having an online presence on various social media platforms can also be a great digital marketing strategy as it allows you to easily reach out to your customers and also gives you more chances of getting new ones. Being active in these platforms will also help you reach the right audience and make your company, and the services you’re offering, more memorable.

LinkedIn is a great avenue, too, to reaching more people. As part of your marketing strategy, you can create a business profile on LinkedIn to be able to engage with other home builders and construction businesses. And since more and more people use Facebook, you can make a marketing campaign that you can advertise on said social media platform that will eventually lead to sales or conversion. Doing all of these can take up a lot of your time, though, so you might want to take advantage of software like Hibu to save you time and money. Hibu helps with the scheduling and organizing of your social media activities.

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Engage with your community

Last, but definitely not least, it is important to try to engage with your community. This strategy can be fun and free. For example, volunteer to help fix up a neighbor’s home or help a charity build or fix their headquarters. You can also try to team up with some local schools and create awareness about the construction industry. Whenever you volunteer or you engage with the community, though, be sure to wear a t-shirt with your company logo on it. Doing this will help your construction company gain more exposure while simply dedicating some of your time to the community.

Marketing, whether print or digital, is never a bad idea if it’s done correctly and plays a great part of any business’ growth. You just have to study and learn which marketing strategy will best suit your business.