How To Keep Your Construction Business Busy During Winter

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Ah, winter. It’s the coldest season of the year. Days are shorter, nights are longer. Some people love it, but in the construction industry, it can be a challenging time of year in colder climates.

Contractors and construction companies typically depend on good weather for their work. Unfortunately, however, for businesses in the north, that means slower winter months. It’s tremendously important to plan the year with all activities ahead to ensure consistent cash flow. No matter the season, people in the construction business can maximize their sales and keep their business profitable all year round with the right strategies. Read these construction business ideas to keep you busy in the winter season.

Construction Business Ideas For The Upcoming Winter Season

During the holiday season, with snowfalls and cold weather, the construction industry always is affected. However, this does not mean that there’s no work available. Although it’s usually a slow onset compared to peak season, your business doesn’t have to suffer. There are some other ways that you can fill your time and still be profitable. The following are some construction business ideas that you can do during the off-season:

  • Snow removal. Because we usually get thick, hard snows during winter, many contractors seize the opportunity of adding snow removal service during this season. This keeps the business afloat as we all need to get rid of these snows from our property.
  • Energy efficiency service. It is also during winter that we use the most energy for our Christmas lights and decor, so offering cost-effective strategies through premium electrical services to homeowners and commercial building owners are one of the best business ideas during the winter.
  • Air-conditioning and heating services. It’s the best time of the year to clean and check air-conditioning and heating units because we’re going to be using the heater most of the time. This is a great chance for your company to offer such a service.

Review Your Business Performance

Yes, it might be slow during winter, but you could embrace it and use your available time to review your business’ performance. As a contractor or a construction business, you are spending most of the time outside of your office, which does not leave you with much time to focus on spreadsheets, budgets, etc. So, during the slower months, you have more opportunity to do the following so that can also make your business grow:

  • Analyze your financial data
  • Review your year-to-date performance and compare it to last year’s
  • Do a SWOT analysis (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats)
  • Create future business goals
  • Analyze whether you have enough resources to hire, purchase, and expand your business

This time is also your chance to sit down and speak to your accountant about tax deductions and tax credits. It might also be a great time to know whether you’re making a profitable business and if it’s going to where you want it to go.

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Focus on your marketing activities and your customer base

Since you have more available time, use it to connect with your current clients, future customers, or potential business partners. Often, you can get your future customers from your existing clients or those who you have already built a reputation with through your past projects.

Who knows, your past client whose living room you remodeled last summer might need your services this time of year for their Christmas lighting. Referrals are very important, so feel free to ask for referrals from your satisfied clients.

You may also attend community events and trade shows and establish yourself as one of the experts in the construction industry. Most people attending these events have a successful business in construction and might be looking for opportunities to expand. Being present at these events is also exposing yourself to potential business partners who can help you in making your business grow.

Diversify and expand your business portfolio

Another thing that you can do during the winter season is diversify and expand your business portfolio. Simply offering home performance inspection services or making sure that your client’s home is safe and ready to beat snowfalls and intense winds, may lead to more work even during these slower months. Also, consulting or minor home modification services such as changing client’s aluminum doors and windows, which can add value to their home especially if they’re planning to sell, is an additional job during the off-season. Let your customers know that you offer these seasonal services that they can take advantage of.

Provide new remodeling ideas

Aside from offering home modification and inspection service, one thing that construction companies can be involved in is renovating the interior of houses. Small home renovations such as changing kitchen or bathroom floors to ceramic tiles can keep you busy. Remember to schedule inside work during winter.

If you're required to do outside work such as masonry, pouring concrete, or framing, try to make sure that all your projects are performed just before the first snowfall. Keep in mind, though, that most contracts do not include additional costs incurred due to weather (unless the weather condition is severe), so it would be necessary for you to do local weather research first when creating your schedule. To be sure, look up the weather in the area from the prior year. The data will give you an idea of what type of weather you can expect, thus, you can plan better.

Include seasonal incentives

Clients love seasonal sales and promotions. They’re a great way to reward existing and previous clients while attracting new customers. You may offer a pricing discount if your customer decides to go with your interior house renovation service. Or, offer whole house inspection including the insulation and heating systems when they get home modification service.

Be careful not to let discounts and specials eat away all of your winter profits, though, and make sure that you offer these promotions during summer or even fall so you can plan way ahead. Add some urgency to your advertising to let current and future customers know it’s a limited time offer they may miss if they don’t act soon.

Even during the winter season, there are still a lot of great opportunities in the construction industry. They might be slow months, but if you will look at it in a more positive perspective, you’ll begin to realize that this time of the year can also be a great opportunity for a lot of things which can help your business grow. It’s your chance to spend more quality time with your friends, family to recharge and get ready to face another busy year ahead.