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We are proud to work with tens of thousands of businesses. Read the stories behind them and how they are having a positive impact on customers, employees, local communities, and even global economies.

How High School Sweethearts are Crafting a Recipe for Success

April 7, 2020

Learn how a couple is using love to fuel the success of their business.

How a Handyman is Helping to Buildup His Community

March 31, 2020

Find out how self-taught handyman and CoverWallet customer Shawn Teal is building a successful company and community.

How One Entrepreneur is Helping New Mothers in Her Community

March 24, 2020

Mommy Did You Know is a platform dedicated to providing vital resources and helping educate families who have or are expecting children. We sat down with owner Rachel da Silva to learn more about what inspired her to start her business.

A Fireplace Made of Wood? How One Designer Created the World’s First Petrified Wood Fireplace

March 10, 2020

Owner of Metaplace Industries, Nick Wray, spent years dreaming of converting a fossilized tree into a fireplace. We sat down with Nick to learn more about how he made it happen and his inspiration behind the design.

How One Entrepreneur is Building a Foundation for Success

March 3, 2020

CoverWallet customer Justin Ord has built a successful contracting business. Find out how he did it here.

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