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Business Tips for Startups: How to Cut Down on Costs

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What could be more rewarding and exciting than being your own boss? Imagine employing workers, running the office, managing operations, conducting meetings, and earning top dollar. Indeed, nothing beats the flexibility, convenience, and satisfaction of having your own successful business.

But owning a business isn’t all about the glitz and glam. It takes tons of hard work, loads of patience, and perseverance to grow your business and make a name for yourself in the industry. Likewise, funds are limited when launching a startup. All your savings could easily drain in a matter of weeks – think about permits, renovation, lease cost, manpower expenses, supplies, materials, equipment, etc.

The secret to a prosperous startup business is managing your finances correctly. Small business owners should create smart spending habits, save money wisely, and stretch your budget to reach success. Below are the top business tips for startups to get your business off the ground while saving money.

Find the Right Office

Huge office, brand new furniture, fancy decorations, and prime location – yes these are ideal but only if you have thousands of dollars to spare. Every entrepreneur dreams of having a spectacular workplace, but when you’re starting out, you’ll probably need to sacrifice personal luxuries in exchange for a growing business. Think of your workplace as a temporary shelter and start simple, you can opt for luxury when your bank account grows.

Many startups fail because they think that an extravagant workplace automatically translates into success. While it’s true that your products or services should be of top quality, your workplace shouldn’t necessarily follow. As long as it’s presentable, comfortable, safe, and appropriate, you are good to go. Always respond to the needs and requirements of your business, against personal desires and wishes. Keep in mind that you should focus on building and growing your brand, not your ego.

  • Go for co-working spaces if you don’t have the budget of renting a private space.
  • Consider upgrading your space or office only when you’re able and if needed.
  • Utilize free working areas such as your home, garage, public places, etc.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Even if you have a boring and mundane day job, don’t use this opportunity to quit your steady source of income. While it’s true that most entrepreneurs are natural risk takers, resigning from your 9 to 5 might not be beneficial for your finances. Without consistent cash flow, and with your business still its early stage, you are at risk for serious financial problems.

Keeping your traditional job offers various advantages. It gives you enough time to study the business, it allows you to save on capital, it teaches you new ways to market your trade, and best of all it serves as a fallback in case your startup fails. Tempting as it may be, don’t quit your day job until you’re ready. Instead, continue working and keep your startup on the side. Here are some tips to effectively manage your schedule:

  • Schedule things in advance, e.g. meetings at work and purchasing business supplies.
  • Use your free time wisely by minimizing distraction and improving focus.
  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities, try outsourcing talents for your startup company.

Strategize your marketing plan

When starting a new business, it’s normal to have few followers or clients, and this is where marketing comes to the rescue. You need to market your business and advertise your products and services to let people know about your startup. They should be talking about your brand as it creates attention and ultimately attracts potential clients.

While it’s imperative to have strong marketing plans, as a startup you need to consider availability, audience reach, and budget. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars just to market your business. When you’re starting out it’s not necessary to hire professionals or top PR agents to advertise your company. There are low cost but highly effective marketing strategies available out there for small business owners. You could sponsor events to garner attention or use social media to publicize your trade. To save time and money, remember these tips when using social media as a marketing channel:

  • Your contents should be relevant to your business, products or services.
  • Keep customers engaged and build brand awareness by posting regularly.
  • Combine words with visuals, post photos and videos with a story.

Create long term plans

Creating a company is like constructing a building. First, you need to plan your ideas, create a blueprint, gather the materials, and start building. It might be enticing to start a business as soon as the idea pops into your head, but without proper planning things would be chaotic and disorganized. Likewise, impulsive decisions often lead to costly outcomes.

As a smart entrepreneur, it’s critical for your business to have long term plans. To put things in perspective and to help organize your thoughts as well as ideas, draft a business plan tailored to your trade. It should contain important elements such as a mission statement, vision, goals, strategies, market analysis, products or services, implementation, and financial projection. Everything should be clear and specific, revise things as you go along and update data when you’re ready to scale. When making plans for your business, don’t forget to:

  • Solicit the advice of established proprietors and veteran business owners.
  • Review your sources of capital and evaluate financial capability.
  • Secure backup funding to cover unexpected losses and expenditures.

If you plan ahead it’s very possible to have a successful startup business. If you’re ready to take on the big challenges associated with launching a company, always keep these business tips for startups in mind and remember that growth won’t happen overnight. It takes years of preparation, months of conceptualization, weeks of formation, and continuous hard work for every business to be successful.

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