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Veteran Real Estate Agent Taking the Oregon Coast By Storm

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BlueWave Real Estate, founded by a self-employed mother of five, has been helping residents in the scenic Oregon Coast region buy and sell residential and commercial property for more than a decade. CoverWallet sat down with owner Alice Stanfill to learn more about her experience getting insurance with CoverWallet.

What’s the story behind your business, how did you get started?

I’ve been a business owner really most of my life. My parents owned a restaurant in Montana that I used to help them run while I was growing up. My interest in real estate began when I started a janitorial service in 1968 for the beautiful homes in the area. I went on to get my contractor license, and from there I went on to refinance homes for a lending company.

Eventually, I became a real estate agent for them in 2005. That’s when I decided it was time for me to be my own boss again. As a mother, I needed the money to support my family, and now it helps me stay busy and keep in touch with the community. Being a business owner has also inspired all five of my children to become entrepreneurs as well.

What about real estate do you enjoy the most?

Real estate requires that personal one-on-one touch. I love being with people and helping them find a place to live. Recently we saw a lot of people relocate to this area after the wildfires in California. Since I’ve lived in this area for so long, I’m able to help them find a location that best fits their needs.

How did you first hear about CoverWallet?

I discovered CoverWallet while searching for Errors and Omissions insurance on Google. CoverWallet made it very easy to accomplish everything I needed for my insurance coverage. CoverWallet replied much faster than some of the other companies I had reached out to. I would definitely recommend CoverWallet to other business owners, they made it a very easy transition.

The real estate business in the Oregon Coast region has been booming. If you’re in the area or thinking of relocating be sure to look up BlueWave Real Estate.

You can find Alice at