Tech Expert Uses Eco-Friendly Tools to Keep Communities Healthy

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Biosecurity Technologies is a national technology company based in Omaha, Nebraska working to keep communal environments like hospitals, restaurants, schools, and offices clean and safe from infectious diseases in an environmentally friendly way. CoverWallet sat down with owner Dan Lynn to learn more about his experience getting insurance with CoverWallet.

Customer feature - Biosecurity technologies

How did you first get started in the environmental cleaning industry?

I’ve always had a passion for health and safety in the environmental cleaning industry. When I started in the cleaning business over 20 years ago, I saw that there were a lot of injuries related to chemicals. I saw people who were injured by chemical burns or even chemical explosions, so I wanted to create an all-natural, environmentally friendly solution. I started creating technology that helps create safe and chemical free environments. I now have over 20 U.S patents, which include technology that engineers tap water, used in ice machines to provide bacteria-free ice for customers as well as in over 12 industries.

What’s next for your business?

We’re launching a new product soon for apartments and residential homes. A resident will be able to put a small box in their home that supplies an all-natural cleaner creating a germ-free environment, as well as drinking water equal to or better than national recognized bottled water, creating a chemical free atmosphere.

How did you first discover CoverWallet?

I was on Facebook and saw an ad for your page. I called and spoke to a representative who took care of all my insurance requirements. It was so easy, it was like they knew my business. The representative was so friendly and competent, I never hesitated. It was a great experience! As a small business owner, I have many hats to wear, but CoverWallet took all the hassle out of buying something that’s vital to my business.

Dan takes a lot of pride in creating a safer, healthier environment to live, work and play. If your home or business needs a chemical free, environmentally safe cleaning and disinfection technology, be sure to check out Biosecurity Technologies at