The Best Tech Tools for Small Businesses

Best tech tools for small business

Being a small business owner is a full-time job and can get incredibly exhausting. With so much to manage at once, it can become overwhelming trying to be on top of everything. Luckily, there are lots of tools than can be used to streamline your business and make your job less stressful. But with so many different tools available how do you know which ones are going to be the most efficient for your business? Here are 5 tech tools that we recommend to make your life easier.

1. TrackingTime

Simple project tracking software for freelancers and teams. Keep track of progress and billable hours. Organize and assign tasks for your team and manage their access with user permissions. Keep control over employee attendance, breaks, extra time and time off with time cards. Create custom online timesheets for productivity, payroll, invoicing, budgeting, billing and more. Customize and share professional business reports with your clients. Track time anywhere you work, from any device or using one of the 30+ integrations.

2. Asana

If you’re in need of a project management tool, then Asana is one of the most popular on the market right now. It allows teams to collaborate on projects and communicate with each other easily. It also notifies team members when changes have been made to the project, so everyone is always in the loop. The tool also allows for integration with other online tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, WordPress and many more, meaning you can have your projects all in one space. It’s a free tool for up to 15 members and you can upgrade for $9.99 per user.

3. Evernote

Keeping your notes in one place can be made so much easier with the Evernote platform. Whether it’s blogging, research, brainstorming, business presentations or even planning social media content, with the ability to have different notebooks for each aspect, all your bright ideas can be found in one accessible place. You’re also able to add links to web pages, sound recordings, and videos with one simple note. You also have the option to categorize your notes and only have them be accessible to specific team members and clients, this makes it a valuable tool for project management as well as note-taking. The free version gives you up to 60MB of space, while the upgraded version gives you up to 1GB of monthly space.

4. QuickBooks

Small business owners know that staying on top of your finances is critical during the growth stage of a business. A household name, QuickBooks was made with small businesses in mind. This accounting software makes handling finances simpler, it’s user-friendly, easy to navigate and provides an overview of your business’ balance, income, and expenses. It provides separate tabs such as banking, expenses, employees, reports, products and services, sales and taxes, making it so much easier to stay organized. Pricing starts at $10 a month after a free 30-day trial, so give it a try and see how much easier it makes managing your business’ finances.

5. Slack

Need a way to communicate with all your employees and colleagues in real time? Slack is the messaging app to use to keep in constant contact with everyone in the workplace that also has the ability to integrate with other tech tools such as Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Twitter, Skype and many more. The platform allows for easy file sharing in both one – to – one conversations and group conversions, and all discussions, decisions and conversations are archived and searchable.

6. GoodHire

As your business begins to expand, you are likely to need to recruit new hires. Make sure you are always hiring the best candidates possible for your business by using GoodHire. GoodHire is an employee screening tool which can help you to carry out quality and accurate background checks. It verifies a candidate’s credentials, references, skills and more, allowing you to make sure any potential candidate checks out, saving you from potential problems down the line. This business tool is different as you pay for how quickly you want a response. The basic plan, for $29.99 per background check, returns a result within one business day, it includes a social security number trace, Criminal Database Search and Sex Offender List check.

Being a small business owner requires you to wear many hats, but there are tools out there to help you manage all your tasks. Using these tools will take the hassle out of the everyday requirement of running a small business.

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