Some of The Best Email Marketing Tactics

Best email marketing tactics

Nowadays, there are tons of marketing gimmicks to promote products and services. The use of social media, for example, is known to improve brand awareness and sales in the quickest, most affordable way possible. While traditional advertising campaigns are slowly being replaced by modern methods, some promotion techniques are simply irreplaceable – such as email marketing.

Email marketing is without a doubt cost-efficient, it’s easy to prepare and sends the message loud and clear to your target audience. Compared to mainstream marketing channels, it requires a little amount of money to get started and results are always measurable. Likewise, it has the ability to generate leads and reach global markets that in return will surely diversify your trade. Here are some of the best email marketing tips that you can use for your business.

Write a short but interesting subject line

When it comes to email messages, the first thing that people will always see and read is the subject line. Hence, it should be crafted in a smart and very precise way. Your subject line should grab the reader’s attention, without being too lengthy. To help improve the open rate, it should create a sense of urgency and hook the interest of readers in as little as 5 seconds.

Keep in mind that most email accounts, mobile devices, and third-party applications often cut subject lines with long and lengthy contents. To keep it on the safe side, don’t go beyond the 30 to 50 characters including spaces. Although short, make sure that readers have a clear idea of what to expect once they open the message.

  • Avoid generic words on your subject line.
  • Use questions to establish a personal connection with your audience.
  • Entice the interest of your readers through teasers and cliffhangers.

Personalize the email greeting

If there is one part of the email that is the most overlooked by small businesses, it would be none other than the salutation. How often do you receive an email that begins with “dear subscriber”, “dear member”, or “dear patron”? Customers don’t like the idea of generalism, and email greetings that are too generic won’t make the cut. To attract attention and draw interest, personalize it by putting your customer’s first name in the greeting.

Personalizing email greetings might sound tedious and complicated at first but you don’t have to manually do it. You don’t need to edit 150 emails containing the same message, with different salutations. There are tools available out there that allow automatic configuration of emails for easy sending of customized messages. Take note to:

  • Segment your audience into a list depending on their consumer behavior.
  • Use real names in the greeting instead of a username.
  • Humanize your salutation by setting a realistic tone and personality.

Clean up your contact list

Since emails can dramatically improve lead generation and conversion rate, it’s tempting to send out as many messages as possible. It’s not surprising to see companies sending a whopping 100,000 emails every day, and while that looks amazing, it can actually damage your open rate. Subscribers who don’t open your emails but continuously receive messages from your business make your campaign look worse. Remember to choose quality over quantity.

Analyze your engagement with recipients and clean your contact list by removing unresponsive subscribers. Organize your email list on a regular basis, assess and evaluate how your contacts react and remove those who are no longer interested in your products or services. Do this regularly to avoid high email bounce rate. When cleaning your contact list, make sure to:

  • Sort contacts according to sign-up date, old subscribers are more likely disconnected.
  • Create a simple campaign that will encourage users to update their emails.
  • Earn your contacts and avoid buying any information online especially email addresses.

Don’t use the “no-reply” feature

In the United States, there is legislation called the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 that sets the rules when it comes to using commercial emails and messages. This law gives recipients the right and option to opt-out anytime they want when they are no longer interested in receiving business messages. Guidelines are stated very clear and one major rule in the CAN-SPAM Act is to never use “no-reply” words or similar phrases. If proven guilty, fines may reach up to $16,000.

If your email happens to contain “no reply” in the message, or if you are using special software that prevents subscribers from replying, you are violating the CAN-SPAM Act. Avoid using addresses such as,,, and the likes.

  • Make sure that there is an unsubscribe feature at the end of the email.
  • Your return email address should be clearly visible within the message.
  • Check similar laws internationally when marketing across borders.

Use incentives to increase open rate

The secret to increasing open rate is to give users a reason to open your email. Who could resist an email containing a voucher to save on shipping costs? How about a message that offers a 20% discount for new subscribers? Or an email that gives you a chance to win prizes? Giving away incentives on your email makes your message interesting, worthy, and irresistible to open.

When done correctly, incentives will not only boost your open rate but it will also improve your sales, grow your mailing list, augment clickthrough rates, and keep subscribers very much engaged. However, be careful not to go overboard. Never promise something you can’t actually deliver. For this strategy to be effective, your email incentives should:

  • Be unique, exceptional, and exclusive to all your subscribers.
  • Have a mechanism that must be followed to avoid redemption glitches.
  • Add value, and be related and appropriate to your business.

Email marketing has indeed stood the test of time. There might be new and updated advertising methods out there but consumers will always check their emails regularly – anywhere and any given time of the day. Reliable and efficient, practice the above email marketing tactics to grow your trade and reach success.

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