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Two Brothers Find a Formula for Success | CoverWallet

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Brothers Tahner and Tyson Friedley have been entrepreneurs for over a decade. We sat down with Tahner to learn more about how they launched their latest business venture, Abelltek.

Abelltek is a manufacturing company that currently specializes in creating an Eco-Loop, Spill Proof Funnel that fits on many different types of bottles to help prevent leakage and make it easy to reach hard to access areas. Co-owner Tahner Friedley tells us he and his brother, Tyson, have dreamed of being entrepreneurs since childhood.

“It’s something we’ve always wanted to do. We first started back in 2011 when we opened our own restaurant. Then, about a year later we got into real-estate, but, in 2016 we decided to focus on manufacturing.”

Tahner explains that the inspiration from this latest venture came easily to them.

“The real inspiration for us is the opportunity for future growth. With a product-based business, there’s room for growth without too much expense. What really caught our eye was knowing that we would be able to effectively leverage our time to reach exponential growth.”

While the Friedley brothers are natural-born entrepreneurs, launching Abelltek came with a steep learning curve.

“When we launched in 2016 we had no knowledge of manufacturing, and we didn’t know anyone who we could ask for help. A lot of our time was spent researching and trial and error. We had to learn to make changes along the fly.”

One area Tahner didn’t have to worry about was commercial insurance. Tahner says after doing a quick Google search CoverWallet was a clear winner.

“Our experience has been nothing but first class. I generally like to get three quotes before choosing a service. CoverWallet was by far the easiest to deal with and the fastest. We were dealing with a new retailer to partner with and they had an issue with our current coverage that was going to mean losing them as a customer. CoverWallet was able to get us set up over the phone and provide coverage on the spot so we could close the sale. Five stars all around.”

Despite the initial difficulties in launching Abelltek, Tahner says they’re excited for what the new year will bring. He also has some useful advice for fellow entrepreneurs.

“Just start and know that you will never have all the answers. Do as much of the work as you can to minimize costs, and try to keep your day job until you know what you have can be a viable business.”

You can learn more about Abelltek on FaceBook and their website.